The Kentucky Boys

I always assumed that the boys (Finn and Toby) were local rescues, but Nay! I was wrong! Apparently the local rescues get snatched up right quick, and since it's not quite "kitten season" locally, my wonderful rescue Cause 4 Paws went out of state to find kill shelters to rescue beebees from who otherwise would have been doomed, DOOMED, I tell you! And no one wants that. 

So I thought "Oh, well, then it must be a Lulu situation, where they found them in Brooklyn or somewhere in New York (Lu is a Brooklyn girl, no wonder she's so tough) but NAY! The North Shore Animal League and other wonderful rescues in NYC take care of that. So where did my beautiful boys come from? Who would drop off newborns at a kill shelter? (Animal overpopulation is a heinous problem, people, spay and neuter! Okay, off soapbox) So where did they find my Phineas and Tobias? 


I'll say that again. KENTUCKY. 

This is certainly not a slight against Kentucky, I'm sure it's a lovely place, but I didn't expect THAT. Had I known, I would have perhaps called them Bo and Luke Duke, or something more befitting the Southern gentlemen that they are, but I had no idea until well into my visit with Toby. So here's how awesome my rescue is: The local Kentucky rescue, who were overwhelmed with cats at the time, called Cause 4 Paws, and met them halfway across Pennsylvania to give them two litters of kittens. And in one litter was Finn, and the teensy litter of tiny babies had Toby! I have Southern boys!

Now I have lived in the South, in beautiful and historic Savannah GA, and I'll tell you what. Those boys down there are polite. At least to women they are. So Phineas and Tobias will be brought up to have kitty MANNERS and call Lulu "Ma'am" and maybe I'll get them little hats that they can tip at visitors and big belt buckles for collars. 


They're kittens. They're going to wreak havoc. They're going to destroy my perfectly clean house and get into everything and wreck anything in their path and they're NOT going to have any manners, Southern or otherwise, because they're kittens for the love of Buddha's underpants. I'm a moron, but I'm not STUPID. 

Anyway, I'm hoping to visit them this weekend, and see how they're coming along, and I'll take a bajillion photos and force said photos upon all of you, because that's just how I roll around these parts, and you will look and say "awwwwwwwwwwwwww" and then you will go to YOUR local rescue and make a donation to them if you can, won't you? And if you can't, don't feel bad, times are really tough, you don't have to tell ME, I KNOW, but if you're rolling in dough, maybe think of the cats and doggies that didn't ask to be part of overpopulation? Because if I see that geedee ASPCA ad with the shelter pets and Sarah McLachlan warbling in the background one more time, they're going to have a room at the bin with my name gold plated on it, because seriously people, I cannot handle that ad. 

I've gotten off topic. Time to go! Have a great Friday, my precious little squirrels!


Miss B




The Kentucky Boys — 11 Comments

  1. how awesome are they! congrats on the new additions! ps – finn looks quite a bit like my scott. i got him from a shelter in Trenton called Animals in Distress. he turned 10 weeks yesterday and although he can be a crazy little rascal i really couldn’t love him more.

  2. Squee! Yay for Toby and Finn!!
    I just got a terrier from a rescue, and turns out the little dude is from Illinois. I live in Toronto for goodness sake. These rescue organizations will bring animals from all over the planet just to see them get good homes, which is FRAKKING AWESOME.

  3. I kind of think Finn and Toby are perfectly cromulent Southern names. Very “Tom Sawyer”-y. I just hope they don’t expect their dishes to be filled with warm cream and good bourbon all the time, because hoo-boy! But I know you and Miss Lulu will keep them from getting all fratty. Which is a very good thing.

  4. Well, since I live in hotazz Savannah Georgia shall I fedex some shrimp and grits for y’all ?!?! Ihave a friend in Louisville KY that is launching a new magazine for homeless abused animals called Louisville Tails that is set to come out in June. Check her out on facebook(LouisvilleTails),check it out ! Jules is my hero and your right, I always donate to shelters and every bit helps, SPAY/NEUTER YOUR ANIMALS!!!!!!!

  5. That. Is. Fantastic. I heartily love your kitty rescue folks right now. I’m super excited for you. I love kittens. That is not to say that I do not love my 5 yr old kitty boys, because I do, very very much. They are pure, furry love. But kittens are so fun, and hilarious, and frustrating.
    And don’t get me started on that ad. I have to turn the station when it comes on the tv because it makes me cry, EVERY FRAKKIN’ TIME! So you’re totally not alone on that.
    And thank you for a lovely, heartwarming blog post to start my Friday morning. (It’s only 8:22am here.) I hope you get to see the Kentucky boys this weekend. 🙂

  6. Well if those boys are anything like Khan (another Southern boy) they are gonna looooooovvvvveeee their Mama.

  7. From what I understand, volunteering at a cat shelter here in Atlanta and from my brother’s work with local rescue groups, the spay/neuter laws in the South are either lax or non-existent, so the pet overpopulation here is extreme. In contrast, the Northeast does have tight and enforced laws so there aren’t that many unwanted animals ending up in shelters.
    So as it turns out, there is a loose network of animal rescue advocates that will pull animals from Southern shelters and transport them north to the rescue groups there, who usually have homes already waiting for the bebbehs.
    If you WEREN’T coming back from your visit with kitteh bebbeh pictures, I would be shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you! BRING ‘EM!!!!
    And PEOPLE!! SPAY/NEUTER YOUR DAMN PETS!! Do what Miss Banshee says and donate to your local shelter or rescue group! Better yet, VOLUNTEER with a local animal rescue organization — it is SOOOOO rewarding!!!
    (sorry about the hijack, dear 😉 )

  8. I do love good Southern boys. The kind that stand up when you arrive at or leave a table. Not the ones with hair in their eyes, khaki pants, and tobacky in their mouth.
    Yay, kitteh pics!

  9. I live in KY & the shelters here are so loaded w/cats & kittens, that often there’s a 6-week wait time before they can even accept any new cats/kittens. And it’s illegal to “abandon” them there at the shelter (private property) while it’s closed, so people just dump them on the side of the road, or in the Walmart parking lot…they figure someone will see them.

  10. I should mention that I have 2 adopted kittehs & would have somewhere between 2 and 10 more, but I think my husband would leave.

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