Kentucky Boys Update!

So the Kentucky Boys come home on Saturday, and I think other than litter and food (gotta find out what kind they use at the foster's) I think I'm all set! So here's what we know about the little 'uns as of now.


Finn (named for Phineas Nigellus Black, from the Harry Potter series) is a hearty 2 pounds, and will be neutered today, poor little thing, but he's gotten over his hunger strike and is doing just fine. Apparently the trip from Kentucky was really rough on the babes, and it took a while to get them eating. But Finn's right as rain, and after he gets snipped, he'll just hang with Toby until Saturday when they come to wreak havoc in my home forever and ever.


Toby (named for Tobias Zachary Ziegler from The West Wing, by the way) is still on a hunger strike and as of this weekend was only 1.2 pounds. Far too little to get neutered, but that's okay, he'll come home too, and Cause 4 Paws will take care of the neutering when he gets nice and chunko. We all know I grow em big here at the Banshee house, so that shouldn't be a problem. If Finn gets all up in his face about food, I'll just deposit Toby in the bathroom sink and feed him there, away from the rest of the fray. (that was what the foster mama told me to do, I didn't come up with that one on my own.) 

The important thing is that they're coming home. Here's their set up: 

It still needs work, the food bowls, the litter box, etc need to be set up, and I'm putting a little rug in there too for them. But that's their little corner of the world! (that basket is filled with toys.) We'll see how they like it. Only a few more days!  


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  1. I’m so excited for you! They are both so adorable. Love both of their names too. Looking forward to hearing all about their adventures!

  2. Oh, how sweet! I can just imagine them hopping into The General Lee just like Bo and Luke. And I am sure that they will address Miss Lulu as ” Ma’am”. They are also quite dashing. Will they have their own bloggy comment time?
    Enjoying the Excitment with you–
    The Only Minx

  3. Very sweet seeing how you’ve got the cat gear all set up already, (short of putting litter and food in the containers…) you must be so excited!
    I hope the kittens grow fast into Big Banshees and provide us with many shenannigans! My cats are ten years and 8 months old so my Lily knows how Lulu feels about the looming invasion, she’s had to put up with A LOT in the past few months since I found Katelin (named by my six year old grandson) on Halloween night and brought her home.
    My cats’ baskets are on either side of my computer table, it’s where you’ll find them as I poke away here.
    They: seemingly asleep but keeping one eye open for any bowls of cereal being imported from the kitchen….me: foolishly thinking I can eat Cheerios in peace!
    I’ve lost two boy cats in the past, Mac got hit by a car and someone brought his body to the pound and we picked him up and buried him down by the river; and Ruccus was found by me one day after he had disappeared for a month or more. He was under the back porch where he crawled in and died all alone, it still breaks my heart to think of him under there, expiring while I just thought he eloped and was happily living with another family…
    Anyway, I’m happy for you and your boys, looking forward to the weekend and more pictures of the lucky Kentuckians

  4. Hooray!!! Being here in the South I can hear the boys ssinf “Yes Miss Lulu ma’am “cuz that’s how it’s done here in Savannah LOL!!! I am so excited for y’all and I can just see Stewie looking down and giving a kitty blessing, well when he’s not eating olives in Narnia closet

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