A Heart to Heart With Mr. Outside Cat

Me: Mr. Outside! I haven't seen you in a while! How the hell are ya?

Mr. Outside Cat: Mow mow. 

Me: Not bad, not bad. Still keeping an eye on everyone?

Mr. O: Mow!

Me: Of course you are. How's Aw, An Old Man? You still refusing to go inside his apartment, even though he feeds you every day?

Mr. O: *shrugs*

Me: Yeah, yeah, you're too cool for school. I get it. So you and I, we have to have a talk. Things, they are a-changing round these parts. 

Mr. O: Mow?

Me: Yep. We've got stuff and things going on. The kittens come home on Saturday, on Friday I have a rendezvous with a lovely young man, and of course, there's the super sekrit project. Things are crazy around here! 

Mr. O: mow MOW? 

Me: I promised I wouldn't talk about it. Jinxsies! But I can tell you, can't I, Mr. Outside? You'll keep quiet about my date, won't you?

Mr.O: Mow mooooooow. Mow?

Me: I have a date on Friday! Eeeeeeeee!!!! And we've been talking for HOURS on the phone every day, and I am so excited I am literally weak in the knees. He's awesome, and we're going to have an awesome time together. 

Mr. O: *scowls* Mow MOW. 

Me: I know, I know, I haven't had the best luck, I mean, ANY luck with dudes in a loooooooooong time, but this dude is different. I just know it. 

Mr. O: *raises eyebrow*

Me: I know, Jinxsies!!!! But I can't help it anymore! I NEED TO SQUEE. 

Mr.O: *sighs* Mow mow.


Mr O: Mow?

Me: Yes, I feel much better now. 

Mr. O: Mow mow mow.

Me: I did NOT just curse it. You just wait and see. By the end of the weekend he'll have a nickname and everything. 

Mr. O: Mow mow?

Me: Yes, until then he's just my mystery man. And you know what? If this blows up in my face? You and all the readers of the blog get to make fun of me and do the "I Told You So" dance and everything. I'll take full responsibility if it goes badly. 

Mr. O: Mow.

Me: But it won't. So there. 

Mr. O: *sighs* Moooooooooow.

Me: I know, I'm hopeless. 


A Heart to Heart With Mr. Outside Cat — 5 Comments

  1. Fantastic!!!! It’s always good if you talk for hours on the phone and it makes datetime easier. Keeping fingers crossed for you

  2. Dear Miss Banshee– I truly adore your HUGE sense of the positive in life (and I KNOW that you have to work hard to nurture it) and your very open heart. I am holding lots of positive vibes and lighting the BIG-ASS candles that all goes well for you, Miss Lulu and the Kentucky Boys and your date.
    Please ask Mr. Outside Cat to reconsider staying with the nice old man– I worry about such a wonderful therapist being outside with people that drive cars badly.
    Love to All of you (especially Mr. Outside Cat, for whom I hold a special place in my heart),
    The Minx

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