The Weekend Approacheth


This is THE weekend. This is the weekend of Mr.Monkeypants, and KITTENS GALORE! So if content is sparse till Monday, you'll forgive me, won't you, my darlinks? I SWEAR I'll at least put up kitty pics on Saturday and Sunday, if not a Lulu scribed letter of outrage on Sunday, but no long pieces until Monday unless something goes horrifically wrong, and WE ALL KNOW THAT'S POSSIBLE. So yes, I'm still the paranoid freakazoid that you know and love? (Love? Do you love me, my tiny little woodland creatures, the way I love each and every one of you?) Tell the truth, my loves.

So in "Miss B is a lunatic" news, I dyed my hair yesterday and the hair goddies must have been looking down on me because I managed to only have little spots of dye on my person and bathroom to clean up, instead of the Jackson Pollack painting that my bathroom (and self) usually resemble when I dye my hair. So I am now the blackest gothy black that you've ever seen, with minimal purple smudges on every surface of the apartment, including the ceiling, and yes, I've gotten it on the ceiling before, shut up, I know. 

In other news, the sky is falling, and by that, I mean, my ceiling is cracked and it's only a matter of time until the apartment above me falls entirely into mine and we all die horrible deaths, right? Maybe that's going to happen this weekend! OH NOES! 

Would serve me right for the silliness of this post. 

That's all, sweetpeas. Kitten photos to come!


Miss Banshee


The Weekend Approacheth — 8 Comments

  1. i basically took an entire week off from the internet when i got my kitten. you’re getting 2 so i think sparse posting is completely excuseable. i agree with Bridget; would love to see the hair. enjoy your weekend and the little ones!

  2. You are like a Disney princess with your little woodland creature entourage 🙂 Now I am envisioning you as a cartoon… At any rate, have a GREAT weekend and be sure to post pics of the wee kitties and the new ‘do!

  3. Yay for teh kitties and MM! Hope that you have a super fabulous weekend and can’t wait the see the hair/kitty pics/Lulu outrage. Have fun cuz you deserve it!

  4. I wanna see what Mr Monkeypants looks like!!! I hope everything goes fantastic on date and yeah for kitties coming home!!!!I am sure Miss Lulu will have something snarktastic to tell us!! Oh yeah, pix of ultra gothy hair to come???

  5. Sending good thoughts for your time with Mr. Monkeypants. And I can’t wait to virtually meet the Kentucky boys! A very exciting weekend indeed.

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