The Weekend Of Awesomeness, Kittens, And Monkeypants Pt. 1

Dudes. You all know I've had a heinous string of bad luck in the last few (many) years. But this weekend was so full of awesome, and I am so freaking happy that I'm on the rooftops screaming at the top of my lungs and throwing flowers and unicorns at people. THAT is how happy I am. Let's start with Friday.

On Friday, Mr. Monkeypants was to drive the hour or so to my place, and we were to go on a proper date, since we had been talking for what seems like forever on the phone and computer, so it was HIGH TIME there was a proper date involved. He got here over 2 hours late.  Now, squirrels, we all know my brain, and it was singing the doom song (car accident, enormous fire, no survivors) OR the alternative (totally isn't coming, you got fooled AGAIN, doom doom doom doom doom.) Neither of these things were true. Apparently there's this thing called "Traffic?" And this "traffic" can sometimes mess things up right quick, and a quick text saying as much from Mr. M (never text while driving, he was stuck in the aforementioned traffic) explained as much. So I waited, freaking out the whole time.

I mean, what if we didn't get along? What if there was no chemistry. AH MAH GAH WHAT IF HE THOUGHT I WAS UGGO? DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM. So I paced and paced and paced the apartment, practically wearing a HOLE through the CARPET as I paced and sang the Doom Song in my head. Finally I saw him arrive, and LEAPED out the front door to guide him through my complex to my apartment. Then we saw each other, and chemistry? Yeah, it was there. In spades. Noooooooooooo question about it. So we drove to the Super Sekrit Parking Lot, and parked his car and spent the evening and night really getting to know each other in PERSON, and not just on the phone and computer screen, and it was beyond righteous. Did I mention the chemistry? Yeah. 

Oh, and you get no photos, because I took exactly one, and it involved Mr. M waving his hand in front of his face and moving about, so it's just a big blur. He's a stinker like that. But I'll get him. I'll get him gooooood. Just not this past weekend, apparently. 

We visited with Mr. Irish Neighbor (he, the husband of Mystery Korean Woman) and talked to each other a TON, and ordered pizza, and just spent the night in, enjoying each other's company. And yes, he spent the whole weekend here, don't you go raising your eyebrows at me, my squirrels. We're all adults here (except we are totally kids at heart, and it's a bit ridic.) Anyway, that was Friday. We tried to watch "Southland Tales" but I had no idea what the hell was going on and we had to MacGyver the couch so two people could be comfy on it, so I have no idea as to the plot of "Southland Tales," oh well, that was a minor fail, but honestly we were so into just talking that we really didn't pay that much attention anyway. And then we were completely passing out and had to get up early to get the kittens, (SQUEE) so it was off to bed. 

This entry is getting too long, and we're just through Friday night. This cannot stand! More tomorrow. 


Miss B


The Weekend Of Awesomeness, Kittens, And Monkeypants Pt. 1 — 6 Comments

  1. Yay! So glad your weekend was filled with all kinds of awesome. Can’t wait to hear more! (The Kentucky Boys are way, way too cute.)

  2. The Kentucky Boys are indeed cute (especially Toby) and I’m so happy that your weekend made you so happy but Miss. B! Please! I implore you… be careful with the throwing of unicorns. They’re sharp you know.

  3. Good for both of you for having a lovely weekend and adorable kittens!!! Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the weekend!

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