The Weekend of Awesomeness, Kittens, And Monkeypants, Pt. 2

Ok, so we've covered that Friday was full of awesome, yes? That brings us to Saturday, and KITTEN DAY! I mean, look at these little monsters.


So my mom, Mr. M and I go to the pet shop where the adoption would take place, and this is the first time that Mr. M met my mother, so that was nervewracking in itself, but it went just fine, and so it was off to wait for the rescue's intern to bring them to the shop. You have to realize that this is a teeny little place, and people CRAM inside it for adoptions, so Mr. M and I were kinda hiding in a corner, waiting oh so patiently (not) for the babies to make their first appearance. 

And appear they did, and they were just so tiny and beautiful that I was totally freaking out and barely could sign the paperwork. And we whisked them home and past Lulu, who was Not Pleased, and locked ourselves in the bedroom, where we let the boys out and they were soooooooo good, and used the box and ate all their food and everything and we just loved on them the whole day, and it was grand. 

And then Mr. M and I went to see Iron Man 2 (second time for me) and got dinner, and were giddy as we rushed back home to check on the cats, (all 3 of them, Lulu has not been forsaken in all of this, although we'll have to wait and see what she has to say about all of that) and the whole thing was grand. The kittens are perfect, Miss Lu is snuggling with me right this very minute, and all is well. Oh wait, we haven't even gotten to Sunday!!!!

More tomorrow!



The Weekend of Awesomeness, Kittens, And Monkeypants, Pt. 2 — 5 Comments

  1. Cuteness overload!!! I luv me some babie kitties!!!! I feel all smooshy inside with the urge to loveand squeeze on babies!!! My old kittie peed on my chair this AM so seeing babies make me not as angry at old kittie. I fear he is losing it and this makes me sad but hooray for KY boys and XOXO to Lulu

  2. Dude. They are SO cute. That third picture killed me dead. And now I want a kitten except I already have two cats and they would so not be impressed with a new brother or sister but the kitten cuteness! It’s too much! Must. Have.
    Interested to hear how Miss Lulu handles the introduction. (Sending good thoughts for that.) And I can’t wait for stories about her lording over her minions. πŸ™‚

  3. Just saw this – they are freakin’ adorable!! And you were smart getting them together, cuz they will definitely help each other with the whole transition-thing. Less potential for bad kitty freak out.
    XOXO to them for me cuz I’m allergic.

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