A Size Comparison, and Toby Complains – Video!!! — 11 Comments

  1. Hearing Toby crying made Mr Seymour my pickyazz cat perk up and start looking for the source of crying, he like Lulu is not amused by wee cutiepie babies!!! Mr Seymour goes Ugh!! I want kitties!!! My 3 want no more though

  2. Ok, I just waved my arms at the computer like a total moron and said “awww,awww” like he could see me or something. So cute!!

  3. Such teeny tiny cuteness!!!!!
    I have to tell you that Ana (who will be 2 in July) insisted that we watch this video a dozen times. She meowed with Toby each and every time and said “aaawww, nice kitty…. I watch again!” I think their may be a kitty in our future. Well… after Ana learns she shouldn’t squish tiny furry things.

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