Common Sense is Back, Y’all

Common Sense: You didn't blog yesterday.

Me: I know.

CS: You have no excuse and you didn't blog. 


CS: Shameful.

Me: Dude, I had a vet appointment and lugged three cats, two carriers, and a freaking partridge in a geedee pear tree all over creation yesterday. 

CS: Boo. Hoo. Hoo. 

Me: Let's give the people what they want. 

CS: *sigh* Fine. 

CS: Okay, aw.

Me: Little bastards. They're killing me, you realize.

CS: You did this to yourself, you realize. 

Me: Touche.

CS: That's why I'm around, and you're welcome. 

Me: Bah. 

CS: Why are you in a mood? You have no right to be in a mood, you have kittens, you have Mr. Monkeypants, you're seeing an old friend on Sunday for the first time in ages, all is well. 

Me: Mr. M has to work all weekend. 

CS: AAAAAAAAAND you're going to the city to see Chicky, like I SAID, all is well. Jeez, woman. What does it take to please you? 

Me: I suppose you have a point. 

CS: I always have a point. It's why you conjured me from your bizarro imagination. 

Me: I'm nervous about Monday.

CS: Sigh. We can't TALK ABOUT MONDAY, it falls under the "Super Sekrit." 

Me: Bah. 

CS: It's a good thing, Monday. A VERY GOOD THING. Don't get it twisted in your little brain. 

Me: Okay. Hey, did you see what happened when I tried to take Mr. M's picture?

CS: Heh. Yes. 

Me: Check it.
CS: It looks kinda awesome. It's like a skull in a horror movie doing the whole shaky creepy thing. 

Me: It looks like someone was being a bit of a bastard. 

CS: But funny. 

Me: Always funny. 

CS: Anyway, Mr. M and you will have plenty of time together next weekend, don't sulk, it's unbecoming. 


CS: And don't raise your voice to me, that's beyond unbecoming and not very polite. 

Me: Nyah. 

CS: I think we're done here. 

Me: Pbbbbbllltttttttttt.

CS: We're definitely done here. 


Common Sense is Back, Y’all — 4 Comments

  1. my kitteh has ZERO interest in his bed. he loves OUR bed and our pillows and the ottoman. his bed? not so much. what kind of deal do i have to make with the devil to get him pay it any mind?
    divulge your secret please!

  2. So… do we get to hear about Monday after Monday? Or does it remain “Super Sekrit”?????? Because it is killing me.
    I want a kittie. Sometime. Maybe.

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