Why I’ve Been Neglecting The Blog, Or; Excuses Excuses

I've been RECAPPING, my beloved little squirrels! Recapping for MamaPop! Three recaps in two days! That's insanity, I tell you! But I got it done, and if you can forgive the self-pimping for ONE SECOND, here's what I've been working on. 

Dancing With the Stars had a two-night finale, and I did both episodes. You can check them out HERE for part 1 and HERE for Part 2. 

And The Bachelorette started! You can find my recap of THAT nightmare HERE.

Pimping over! 

Other than that, it's hot here. Hooooooooooooooot. But I tried turning on the AC and the racket it makes terrified the kittens, so I will do without, at least until it gets SO hot that we all melt and sod the noise, we're turning on air conditioning. 

Other than that, I was having fun with my phone camera last night and got some fantastic shots of the cats, and just ignore the bits with me and no makeup, that never happened, you never saw anything. I know you're here for kitten pics, and I am nothing if not a giver. 

Toby's audition for the all-feline production of "Twilight" RAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!

  Finn gets mah bewbs as a pillow. A very small pillow. 

That's it for now, I am so burnt on writing today that even this fake ass entry has me dozing off and my hands hurting. If you see the recaps, that will make more sense. I've been doing an assload of writing this week. 

Hopefully a real entry tomorrow. Till then, cats n' kittens!


Miss B


Why I’ve Been Neglecting The Blog, Or; Excuses Excuses — 4 Comments

  1. Well D, I followed your lead & stopped wallowing in sorrow over the loss of my precious dog, by getting a puppy! I’ve always had German Shepherds & Malamutes, but my little willow is a Lab. ?? We shall see. She’s very shy right now, I’m hoping that subsides! She’s so homely she’s cute. My cats are fascinated & have her surrounded, at a distance.
    Your kittens are too cute! Find a fan that makes some noise so you can build to the A/C. Aren’t they fun? How are the eye drops going? Enjoy!

  2. That photo of you and Finn? You look STUNNING. Your skin is TO DIE, those glasses suit you, and most of all, it is FANTASTIC to see you smile. (I think I might be flirting with you, a little bit, but still: I covet your skin.) (And your kittens.)

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