Oh Yeah, I Have A Blog!

Y'all, I've been a beesh. I've been so busy, and went away for the weekend, and excuses excuses, here I am, and there you (hopefully) are, and the kittens are tearing around here like their small asses are on FIRE, and I am going to write a blog entry, dammit. Yes, yes I am.

I went to Mr. Monkeypants' place this weekend and had a grand time, and drove the hour 20 there and back ALL BY MYSELF, LIKE, WHOA, and no one died in a fiery wreck, and Mr. M and I had a grand time watching all of Season One and most of Season 2 of "Chuck" and some of Season 4 of "Lost" with his pal Cobain, and just enjoyed each other's company. I miss him already. 

But now I am home, home, home, and there is much to be done, but of course I'm getting a headcold, which is AWESOME, so I will take a break here for a moment and get some more Advil, and show you some kitten photos, which is why you're really here, it's okay, I understand. 





Ah, isn't that better? Lookit mah babies! Finn is growing bigger by the day, and Toby? Well, he's still a tiny little munchkin thing, but both of them eat like there's no tomorrow, so I'm not all that concerned that Toby is still so wee. I take a lot of pics of them sleeping, because: Aww. And also it's the only time they're not running around like they were being chased. By something big. Like a bear. 

Oh, and Miss Lulu? She's juuuuuuuuuuust fine, and I actually took this amazing pic the other day, which proves that she CAN do it, she just chooses not to. 

See! No bloodshed or anything! Yeah, that lasted for about one second before the hissing started. Heh. 

Ah, BLOGGING. I remember how to do this!!!!!!  


Oh Yeah, I Have A Blog! — 6 Comments

  1. I love the moments when the kitties decide to get along. I always praise my monsters for the nice nose sniffs that happen right before the inevitable smack-downs. They also like to indulge in the pre-fight bath. Yay for kitties!

  2. So glad that you had a great weekend and the kitties are so cute!
    Also, I stalked MamaPop yesterday for the Batchelorette recap since I obviously have no life.

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