Common Sense Is Rude, Y’all

Common Sense: Worst blogger ever.

Me: O HAI. 

CS: Seriously, what the hell is up with not updating?

Me: You don't want to hear my excuses, don't even lie, it makes the baby Jebuddah cry. 

CS: You're right, I don't care. Worst blogger ever.

Me: How about, um, a kitten picture! That'll make everything better!

CS: Fine. But then we're talking more. 

Me: Excellent. Check out my precious babies. 


CS: Well that's not remotely fair.

Me: I know, I'm a bit of a beetch, am I not?

CS: I'm trying to berate you and you put THAT up?

Me: I'm a stinker like that.

CS: ANYWAY, I am impervious to your kitten pictures. This is serious.

Me: I know, worst blogger ever.

CS: But, I'll give you one thing.

Me: Oh???

CS: You've been getting out of the house. AND having people over.

Me: I KNOW! I'm almost like a real person. 

CS: It's pretty impressive. You're still a lazy writer though. 

Me: Am not! I've been doing Bachelorette recaps! 

CS: Could have fooled me, you haven't been linking here.

Me: I'll link tomorrow when the new one goes up. It's a PLAN.

CS: People were wondering. 

Me: YES, I'm recapping the stupid Bachelorette. Stay tuned tomorrow for a link and a new one. 

CS: Or people could just go to

Me: They should be doing that already.

CS: Wow, you're a shilling, obnoxious twit.

Me: Who pooped in your Cheerios this morning?

CS: You have to get those geedee felines to let us sleep in the morning. It's getting out of hand.

Me: That's never going to happen, dude. 

CS: Well then you can live without me for a while. I'm taking a nap.

Me: But without you I'll drive into traffic and fall down all the time and eat cupcakes for breakfast!

CS: Figure it out. I'm bloody exhausted. 

Me: Fine. 

CS: Fine. 

Me: I'm ending this conversation. You're being intolerable.

CS: So are you.

Me: Nyah.

CS: Mature!

Me: Pbbbbbllllllttttttt.

CS: Blog post OVER.

Me: Yes please. 


Common Sense Is Rude, Y’all — 2 Comments

  1. I am a huge fan of the Bach Recaps on MamaPop and realized (after how long? What is wrong with me?) that I would probably enjoy your regular blog too.
    Love your kitten picture. There is nothing better than a kitten picture to brighten one’s day and distract one’s readers.

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