The Trouble With Toby

I have a slight problem with my kitten Toby. The Tobe. Tobias Zachary Ziegler. He's healthy, he eats like there's no tomorrow, he's got more energy than a spider monkey on crack, there's just one teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy problem.

I keep losing him. 

He's SO FREAKING TINY, DUDES. I can't FIND him half the time, and since Finn is a strapping young lad who acts like an infant in that he insists on being HELD, and I mean CRADLED LIKE A NEWBORN all the time, or else he ends up flopping all over the place like he's misplaced his SPINE:

I spend a lot of time carrying him to and fro (because I am a SUCKER) and lo and behold, I can't find Toby again. He's very independent, and I find him in the weirdest places, like in Lulu's box o' foods: 


Or paying his respects to his dearly departed big brother: (Just TRY to find him in this one)

 or hiding behind some curtains before he makes fettuccine out of them:


But the point is that even when I have to look in every single nook and cranny of my entire apartment, including but not exclusive to the drain of the bathtub and behind the toaster, one look in those big gray eyes and I'm hopeless against him, no matter how many hours I spend looking for his wee ass.


Plus, he likes sitting on my belly and watching me write.

That's my Toby.  


The Trouble With Toby — 15 Comments

  1. Oh, he’s sooooo wee! And cute! I’d be a helpless sucker too looking in those eyes. And there is something about that orange striped tabbies. They are all big cuddlers with no spines.
    And I *think* that he is curled up on the table somewhere but not certain….

  2. When I first got my cats they were so young and small they weren’t even on solid food yet. I kept accidentally locking them in the coat closet ALLLLL DAY while I was at work. They would sneak in there while I wasn’t looking in the morning. Then I’d come home to a chorus of very, very loud crying!

  3. That’s awesome. I tell ya, hold/carry them a BUNCH now. That’s one thing I regret.. we got our kitty when she was already almost 8 months old, and she hadn’t been handled a lot so now she hates being held/picked up which is kind of a bummer.

  4. He’ll grow and become easier to find, eventually.
    But he sure is a sweetie. How could anybody not be a sucker for that adorable little face? And Finn, too!

  5. I have an orn’ry cat that loves to jump her sisters. I had to get her a collar with a big noisy bell, so the others would know where she is. Just an idea. Of course, then Finn would need one too. It also is a good idea as Selkie will occasionally dart out the door as I’m coming in with groceries. I’ve caught her right away each time (so far) but now with the puppy, she has some incentive.
    They are both adorable but Toby has been my favorite right along. He’s just too cool.
    Btw, it takes several weeks after the snip to get the testosterone out of their system, sorry….

  6. All together now, everyone:
    You’re making me want a kitten, and my husband would fracking divorce me if I brought home another cat.

  7. The babies are growing big and strong. I must admit seeing a picture of Stewie did make my heart hurt a wee bit. He is missed. Toby one day will catch up and be big boy!!! BTW, spider monkey on crack, GOLDEN!!!!

  8. Oh, they’re both so darling!! I bet its all cute baby voices coming out of your mouth as you try to reason with them. Congrats on the little new additions.

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