You’d Think I Had A Penchant For The DRAMATIC Or Something

CAVEAT!!!!!!!!!!! I AM GOING TO BRAG IN THIS POST. If you are going to send me nasty messages about it, STOP NOW and go read something else. I am too old and too tired for nasty comments and email. Plus, I'm just going to delete them. This is a blog of LOVE, people. Love and batshit insanity. 

Now that we have that out of the way, lemme tell you something. I have never in my life been called anything less than OVERDRAMATIC. This has nothing to do with my bipolar, or any of my brain chemistry issues and more to do with the fact that I love Glee and Steel Magnolias. I'm overdramatic. I talk (yell) with my hands (flailing arms) and I overstate facts using more 10 cent words than a person has any right to. I was an ACTRESS for god's sack. I. Am. Overdramatic. 

I'm also batshit insane, and when the two meet, well, I have learned (I'm still trying to learn) to keep my big fat mouth shut and be POLITE and LADYLIKE and NOT OPENLY INSANE and it works sometimes, I mean Mr. Monkeypants said a couple weeks ago that he actually watches his language around me because I don't effing SWEAR like he does.


It was adorable, really it was. 

But for as long as I remember, my mother has been commenting on my lack of self-control when it comes to body language when I'm pissed off ("vulture stare" has been tossed around re: me) and I have been called "Sarah Bernhardt" for as long as I have been verbal. Overdramatic. That's me. So when I go ahead and say "Self? No one wants to hear about your crazy today, why not post a kitten picture?" I go with it. Here's one for those of you who are already all DIOS MIO GET TO THE POINT, WOMAN. 


There. Isn't that better? ANYWAY, back to my point. I was overly dramatic yesterday (in other shocking news, the grass is green, and the sky? Blue,) and was overwhelmed when Mr. Roger Ebert retweeted my paranoia post as seen here. (This is where the bragging begins, I swear, NO MEAN EMAIL, I WARNED YOU. 


Holy Jebuddah singing "Merrily We Roll Along" on a pogo stick, AM I RIGHT? So that was totally unexpected and lovely in every way. Then Rog' posts his blog, and holy hopping crap, I see THIS:


NO ONE LIVES HER LIFE ON TWEETER (sic) MORE URGENTLY THAN @MISSBANSHEE. When I scraped myself off the floor and slithered back to the computer, I was, shockingly enough, a little gobstruck and found myself at an ACTUAL LOSS FOR WORDS. 

Sarah Bernhardt, indeed. 

My point (thank Jebuddah, she's getting to the point) is THANK YOU, ROGER. You know how to make a girl blush. And dios mio, people, I KNOW I'm overdramatic. That's why when I get RILLY CRAZY I vanish from the blog. Because that's the only time I have nothing to say, because my depression shuts down my system. The more you know (rainbow.)

Okay, I'll let you return to your lives now. I have to watch political TV and drink yesterday's old coffee because I am turning into Andy Rooney and that's a totally different blog post.  

Lulu writes tomorrow. You're free of my insanity till Monday.


Sarah Bernhardt I mean, Miss Banshee 


You’d Think I Had A Penchant For The DRAMATIC Or Something — 12 Comments

  1. mmm… I wonder what it says about me that I only find you regular dramatic not overly dramatic.
    Must be blinded by my luuuuurve
    and “FUCK” totally is the same think as a comma

  2. I have been called Sarah Bernhardt my entire life! One of Mr Ebert’s retweets is how I started following you also.

  3. Well deserved and awesome! I think sometimes the “overdramatic” folks make up for the people that no matter how they are pushed, won’t open up at all. It creates a balance in the world. I am a drama queenie and I am proud.

  4. Ditto on finding you through Roger, and I’m damn glad I did. You’re a breath of fresh air, Banshee, and I wouldn’t want you any other way. Dramatic honesty is a good thing, and the kittens are just cute!

  5. I don’t even know you and I’m thrilled for you!! And by the way, sharing your joy is NOT bragging, anyway. You have every right to be thrilled; you’re immensely talented and how humbling to have Mr. Ebert recognize it. Shout it from the roof tops!

  6. I would so hang out with you.
    Still say your brave for putting it out there in cyberland, and if people don’t like what you had to say then they just shouldnt read your blogs. I love the kitties, I gots allergic as I got older so I live through your posts, keep posting kitties pics.
    Overdramatic paranoia is my middle name these days, moving halfway cross the country does some weird things to your brain
    Luv ya

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