The Story of Finn’s Nightmare, As Told By Finn


hi, my name is finn.

i like sleepin'. i'm very good at it.

i sleep on mama usually. she doesn't mind.

yep, that's me. right on her boobs, hahahahah. 

I'm kinda a mama's boy. 

if my mama is in the room, oh boy. i am right there. 

usually on her boobs.

sometimes i sleep other places though. 

i'm not very good at that.


So I try to stick to the boobs.

Anyway, i was sleepin on the big bed 

it was very late at night and do you know what happened?

i had a nightmare.

oh it was terrible.

too terrible to tell you, and anyway i forget.

so i climbed up on mama and i was crying and screaming and wailing. 

i couldn't get close enough to her so i wrapped myself around her neck and started choking her.

she woke up real quick then. 

and hey, did you know i'm still a baby?

i am.

so i started nursing on mama's bottom lip. 

i was still cryin'. 

now mama was cryin' cause i'm her little orange baby and i was sad. 

also my baby teeth were stabbing her lip, ouch. 


so the whole next day i got  to do this. 

back on the boobs all day long.

which is where i wanted to be in the first place.

okay, bye.

phineas nigellus 

but you can call me finn.

but shh, i'm sleepin.



The Story of Finn’s Nightmare, As Told By Finn — 6 Comments

  1. I’m fairly certain many human biped food slaves are only equipped with boobs in order to provide a spot for cats to walk, lay, and sleep.

  2. Oh, Finn-
    I am so sorry you had a bad dream. My orange kitty boy(who is 17, btw) will have them from time to time and then insists on sleeping on my bewbs. You’ll never outgrow the mama…we’re good for something!

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