New Bachelorette Recap To Tide You Over

Y'all? My babies are not here. There are no kittens anywhere. They are at the vet (not even Dr. K, but ANOTHER vet ONE THAT I DON'T EVEN KNOW AH MAH GAH) getting The Big Snip. I am traumatized beyond belief. Lulu keeps looking for them. I don't get them back until TOMORROW. *Flings self on fainting couch*

Anyway, I'm too distraught to be clever today, so you know where I WAS clever!?!!? In my Bachelorette recap this week. Clicky on the link for the laffs, and I'll be back when I get mah babies back. 

I hate these people.  


New Bachelorette Recap To Tide You Over — 1 Comment

  1. I want mah baby back, baby back, baby back… ribs.
    Damn you Austin Powers. Damn you to hell.
    (Here’s to kittehs being home soon!)

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