The Post I’m Forcing Myself To Write

Hey y'all. I know, I've been neglecting the blog something fierce, but truth be told, I'm crazy depressed, and writing when I'm depressed is like pulling teeth, but I thought I owed it to you to at least say that I'm okay, I'll be okay, it's been the week from hell, I mean, to the point where it got comical, all the shit that went down, but I lived through it, it's Sunday now, and a new week is at hand, right? 

When I'm feeling more up to it, I'll write about last week. I mean, it was out of hand, in that "things can't get any worse, oh wait, they just did" kind of way, but I finally see my shrink tomorrow and I'll hash everything out, and my friends have been incredible, but man, I'm tired. It's time to put this week behind me and start over tomorrow. 

Love y'all. I'll be around, I promise. This week, man. You wouldn't freaking believe it. 

But through it all, I have this to wake up to. And that makes it worthwhile. 



The Post I’m Forcing Myself To Write — 8 Comments

  1. gosh, I totally understand so much…. seriously, you could be me (and it kinda freaks me out a bit)
    Oh, and my boyz totally want your cats… cuz they are “soooo cute”

  2. So glad you made it through to the other side! A new day, a new week, & best of all: a celebration ushering you into a new year. Happy birthday!
    As for love, you learn to protect your heart; don’t let it harden but keep it safe until you find someone truly worthy of accepting charge of it. Remember you ARE the prize that good men seek. (And you are, D, with your heart & soul so exposed in your blogs & tweets, we Know that you are a priceless treasure!)
    Your boys are so lucky to have you as their Momcat. They are so adorable. Love & Happiness to you in your 33rd year!

  3. See, this is exactly why you should move to South Jersey instead, it’s a much happier place where the sun shines a bit brighter and kittens frolic through the fields.

  4. I can’t remember exactly how the internets led me to your blog but I have felt blessed to find a kindred spirit (at least in hate of mayo and love of stompy boots, fishnets, Athens and lo-carb energy drinks, among other stuff.)
    Thank you for your unrelenting honesty and bravery. Thank you for openly debating with the Common Sense, y’all, and giving everyone who might question their own neurotransmitter mix (at times, or on days ending in y) a healthy example.
    Happy happy birthday week.

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