Birthday Week Commandment #2

Okay! So yesterday went well at my shrink, and we talked a lot about that Awful Thing I'm Not Talking About, and I gained a lot of perspective, so for today's Birthday Week Commandment, to go along with said newfound perspective, we shall say: 

Birthday Week Commandment #2: Thy Shalt Get Out Of Thy Funk, For Thou Shalt Not Be In A Funk, But Instead Funky On Thy Birthday

And seriously? Word. Because I can be all morose and sad NEXT week. Not this week. This week is about having a good time with friends and family and MYSELF, and lord knows I haven't been having much fun with myself as of late. But not this week, buster! This is MY week, and YOUR week, because what fun is a birthday if you don't get to share it with all your bloggy friends? So if you're in a funk, dude, I UNDERSTAND. I've been feeling a lot like this lately:


And if you feel like that too, give yourselves a big old hug from Miss B, and say to yourself, Self? I'm gonna try, just for today, to obey the birthday commandment, just a little bit, and be FUNKY instead of in a funk. Just a tiny bit. Doesn't have to be much. Just a little, for your pal Miss B, because remember, it's not just my birthday week, it's a very happy un-birthday to all of you. 

Love ya more than my luggage,

Miss B

PS: Bachelorette recap up soon.  


Birthday Week Commandment #2 — 4 Comments

  1. I have cheezy grits for you!!! Work screwed me but they shall go out Friday AM!!!!I wish I could get them out sooner but I’m working at a new store in South Carolina helping out with opening it up so I have 2 hours killed by driving and 10 hours working, I is plumb wore out lmao!!!!

  2. Oh man, Miss Banshee, I’m trying so hard but the JERKFACES I work with are making it a trial, that’s for sure!
    In any case, I’m glad you’re trying to be funky this week instead of in a funk. You totally deserve it, and more! I hope all your wonderful friends (’cause it sounds like you’ve got some great ones) make your week super, super special.
    Happy Birthday Week!

  3. ya know, that’s a really awesome way to look at things – i can be (mad/distraught/outraged/insane/morose/fill in the blank) just as easily tomorrow as i can today. so why NOT put it off until tomorrow, like the good little procrastinator i am?! that way i can have a little fun today, after all – play with the kitties, watch ‘house’, eat pad thai, whatever 🙂
    thnx for the most useful mantra, miss b. – hope you find it’s working for you, too!!

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