Birthday Week Commandment #4

Y'all? You are all so freaking amazing. I can't thank all y'all enough, whether it was here on the blog, or on Twitter, or on Facebook, I can't believe how awesome everyone was to take the time to wish me happy birthday. You're the bees knees and the cats pajamas. I'm serious. 

So on to today's commandment: 

Thou shalt enjoy the company of thy awesome friends, and maybe go to the mall and "Eclipse" like you just turned 13.

Thank you all so much again. More tomorrow! I love y'all more than my luggage. 


Miss B


Birthday Week Commandment #4 — 4 Comments

  1. I upheld Birthday Commandment #4 on Tuesday (Eclipsing with friends). Does that count?
    Hope that you enjoy the movie and are having an awesome birthday week!

  2. Happy Birthday a day late! If it makes you feel better, I will tell you that I graduated from high school (precociously young, but still) the same year you were born. So, to me, you are younger than springtime and just as beautiful.

  3. Hiya Miss B!
    Just stopped by to quickly say hello to you and your 3 babies *waves furiously*, and to say MERCI BEAUCOUP for continuing to remind me that (among other things) crazy isn’t always dirt-brown ughlay. 😉
    Sending you cicada chirps and warm croissants from the south of France,

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Miss B! I had to comment on this commandment because it made me smile the most AND?! I am slacking in this department! THE HORROR.
    Sparkly Vampires and Ripped Werewolves are the perfect Birthday Accessories. Also Random Capitalization.

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