Don’t You Be Hatin’ On Mah Hair, Y’all

I went and got mah hair cut today. Yes, after growing it out forever, I got it cut to "resemble the shape and flippy-ness of Alice Cullen." I knew I'd never get such a cute haircut as Alice, I mean, look at her: 

But I thought I'd give it a whirl. What I THEN did was go home and almost ruin it. You can tell what color I WANTED to dye it from the remains on my HAND.

sorry for the crap photography, I can't manage to take a pic with one hand without shaking like a crack monkey. 

So yes, I wanted it to be RED. VAIR VAIR  VAIR RED. It…didn't turn out so well. 

oh no, that would never do at all. So I screamed for a while, threw a hat on, and went to the store to get my beloved Feria Starry Night BLACK hair dye. Because, seriously. That red? No. 

And I dyed it AGAIN. 



But I think it looks a lot better. 



It ain't Alice, but it'll do.  


Don’t You Be Hatin’ On Mah Hair, Y’all — 17 Comments

  1. I….am not so much in love with the Alice Cullen hair. The flippy outness is less retro cool that it’s a must have, you know? I <3 your interpretation of it, however.
    I KNOW RIGHT? Totally asskissing comment. Look kids can't help it if honesty is synonymous with asskissing from time to time.
    The color on your hand is so.awesome. I love it on other people but...I'm not so certain of it's Linnability. Oh sweet I made up a new Lin word. This makes me happy.
    Hi, I have ADD.

  2. Adorable cut, and the black is -awesome-. I feel your pain re: going red – I colored mine today and swear to fucking god, I CAN’T EVEN TELL. Stinky hair for nothing.

  3. Adorable! And, bright side? You didn’t pay anyone a fortune to give you a color you ended up loathing…which I totally did, last week. I don’t know WTH she put on my head, but my scalp burned for DAYS, and I’ve been having asthma attacks ever since! High-tailed it over to the Whole Foods haircolor section, the next day, and made my hair look significantly better (but still hurting over the cash I paid (FLUSHED!) to look like a ’70s mom with frosted hair!)
    What was I saying? Oh, yeah – ADORABLE! :~D

  4. Hair cut is cute and yeah agreed with others black is just so you. But I thought you carried bald off well too. 🙂

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