My New Project, The (Miss) Banshee Chronicles

So my pal Aaron and I have very different beliefs, spiritually. We're also great friends. So why not take the saved believer (Aaron) and the godless heathen (that would be me) and have an open discussion about religion, spirituality, and philosophy on the web for all to see?

There's no way that would end poorly, AMIRITE?!?!??!?

So go check out The (Miss) Banshee Chronicles, (CLICK THAT LINK, C'MON YOU WANT TO) to see the beginnings of Aaron and my journey skipping together through the tulips trying not to get crucified along the way. It'll be fun!!!!!

PS: I hope you comment here or over there, but PLEASE remember that despite the differences in our beliefs, Aaron and I respect each other entirely and ask that you do the same. LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE, people. 


Miss B

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