Glambert Comes To My Rescue


*Hey you!*

Me: Who is that?

*It's me! The spirit of Glambert!*


*Oh, WAY.*


Glambert: I have come to you to talk about IT. 

Me: Oh no. No no no. THE SHAME.

Glambert: It has to go. 

Me: I had the best of intentions!

Glambert: Darling. Please.

Me: Sigh. You're right.

Glambert: I mean, LOOK at it. 


Glambert: What are those…things on the sides, please?

Me: I thought…I was…I have no idea. It was ill advised from the beginning.

Glambert: Hie thee to the salon, Darling. You know what you have to do.

Me: I know what I have to do.

Glambert: I'll wait.


Me: Better, oh great and fabulous Glambert?

Glambert: MUCH better. 

Me: Thank you.

Glambert: Darling, anytime. Don't let this happen again.

Me: I shan't.

Glambert: Remember, darling. Be FABULOUS.

Me: I'll remember. Thank you, Glambert!

Glambert: *vanishes in a poof of glitter*

Me: That was awesome.  


Glambert Comes To My Rescue — 7 Comments

  1. The hair….she is so gorgeous! You have the loveliest face to wear glam short hair oh-so-well! It works darlink!!

  2. First of all. What the fuck does Glambert know? I’d trow ya a bang either way.
    Second of all, you still have the side thingies and you know what?
    Kill Glambert.
    He’s the one that has to go.

  3. I LOVE the hair. Am also wondering if I could borrow Glambert for a few days as I need to something with my hair that doesn’t involve deciding how high to make the day’s ponytail.

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