Nothing To See Here, ‘Cept These Kittens — 5 Comments

  1. They are very adorable, indeed.
    Just so you know, those of us who have you in our blog roll can still see the post-that-was. Not that we can comment on it or anything, of course.
    I hope your brain calms down soon. In the mean time, I shall enjoy the kitten post, and lol over the very silly post of my kitty, Jules, that I put up on FB today. Can you see your fan’s stuff? I don’t even know. If you can, I put up a very silly picture of my very, very sweet, wonderful kitty looking angry. Total trick of the camera.
    and now, off I go.

  2. I don’t care how bad those little cuties are they are so frakkin’ adorable. Makes me want to bring home some cuties for my house, but I know my she-devil feline will kill me if I do or try to at least.

  3. Is a good thing you have photos of the naughtiness If you only showed us pictures of the kitties like this? We would never ever believe you if you just told us the crazy things they actually do.

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