BlogHer10 Fashion Show!

Casual Travelwear:




Tutus For Tanner (in honor only, Banshee only runs when chased)


Friday Night Festivities:


Saturday Daytime:




Sunday Daytime:


Alternate Day Outfit:


all outfits subject to change at a MOMENT’S NOTICE, All shoes can and probably will be traded out for flip flops at some point, sorry for the uber-crap photography.


BlogHer10 Fashion Show! — 22 Comments

  1. That was EXTREMELY helpful. I might be ready to pack now. (And I need to go shopping… I clearly don’t have enough dresses or shoes in my wardrobe.)

  2. 1st – i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE sunday daytime outfit? WHERE. DID. YOU. GETS? I WANTS ONE!!!
    2nd – you have the longest, skinniest legs of ever and i want those too. you bitch.
    i will probably look very “BLAH” throughout the whole conference. if you see a slumping blog of earth tones possibly wearing dark glasses then you’ve found me!

  3. yay, now i’ll be able to find you for sure! love all the looks and the shoes most of all. sadly i’m rockin’ maternity wear which tends more toward the prim. le sigh.

  4. It’s been said before and I’ll say it again…DAMN you have some awesome legs! I love every outfit…you’ll look fab!
    I so wish I was going to BlogHer. Every year, I say I’m going to go and every year I chicken out. Boo. I’ll be at home working on my legs so I can look that fabulous next year…when I chicken out again!

  5. I agree as well. Like everyone says. You are so gorgeous in everything that you wear. You are born fashionable. I wish I can see you in person. I know that you look more beautiful in person.

  6. I feel sort of sick. It’s not the outfits–those are great. It is that I realize I probably could never attend a blogging conference for women, because I only own the following:
    – 1 pair of crappy jeans (and maybe a couple of more in size 6… very old size 6s)
    – a bunch of t-shirts
    – perhaps 2 or 3 pairs of shoes (one is flip flops and one is sneakers)
    – some shorts (that aren’t really short, so I’m not sure about the accuracy of that label)
    – one black purse, which I understand from various ‘What Not to Wear’ shows really doesn’t go with anything (I beg to differ though)
    You see in high school I played lots of sports and looked sullen and arm wrestled… (I was little so the image that just popped to mind won’t be accurate)… but so the cute girls with girl clothes didn’t really dare to say anything to me… later when I dropped sports in favour of smoking, being angsty and other related stuff… I still looked very sullen, almost angry, so those same girls still didn’t dare say anything…
    Are “those” girls now bloggers? If so… blogging may not work for me…
    Ah well…

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