I’ll Write About BlogHer10 When I Stop Itching

So I came home from BlogHer10 to find that all three of the cats have fleas. FLEAS. Do you know how much money it costs to get rid of fleas? I'll give you a hint: A LOT. A lot of money. Money I don't have. But the cats need to be de-flea'ed, which is a delightful word I just made up, so I paid the money and got the de-flea'ing stuff. What else am I going to do? I mean, my babies have FLEAS. My APARTMENT has fleas. *I* have fleas. If you're NEAR MY APARTMENT? YOU probably have fleas. 

I seriously can't stop crying. It's ridiculous to cry, I know, I mean, it's just fleas for chrissakes, but it makes me feel dirty and itchy and I feel like I'm the worst cat mother ever. All this happened yesterday, when I got home from BlogHer10. Which I can't even talk about, because I'm too itchy. 

Of course, I have to share the love, so of COURSE I had brought my bestie Snarky Amber back WITH me from BlogHer10, not KNOWING that there were going to be fleas. Did YOU know there were going to be fleas? I CERTAINLY didn't know there were going to be fleas. So I was completely squicked out, horrified, felt like the worst cat mother ever, and I was also the world's worst hostess in the universe. So the last day and a half have been pretty awesome, is what I am saying. 

I'll write about BlogHer10 soon. Promise. 

But I have bugs to kill.

And crying to do.

Effing hell's bells, man. Fleas. 



I’ll Write About BlogHer10 When I Stop Itching — 9 Comments

  1. Cease thy stressing. Like many other things in life we’d rather not deal with, Fleas Happen. Sucks, don’t it?
    Can you blame them on a neighbor? Their pet brought them in, or their friends brought them in, or something. I’ve lived in apartment buildings where I noticed new neighbors by seeing new fleas.
    You’re not a bad cat mom, you clean more than anybody else I eavedrop on, and you’re working to fix it. You’re being a responsible adult about it. What more could you do, really? Huh? Stayed home from BlogHer and sat in front of the crack in the front door for the weekend with a can of spray, as if you knew the little blood-suckers were coming? [I hope that’s a mental picture that at least makes you crack a smile. C’mon, you can smile, can’t you? That’s it! 8-)]
    Now go pet a kitty. You could use a little purr therapy.

  2. Yes! Exactly what LJ said above. But I also understand the crying thing. I was absolutely overrun with fleas earlier this summer, the poor dog was infested, the carpets were infested, and I have a 10 month old baby. Not only was I a bad dog mama, but I was a bad baby mama too! Oh the shame! I cried for a week.
    If you want to try a cheaper fix next time, or make sure the eggs are all gone, try borax on all the furniture and rugs, just sprinkle on and leave for 24 hours, then vacuum. Totally safe for you and the kittehs. And if you stick a flea collar in your vacuum bag what every parasitic little assholes get sucked up in there will die a horribly painful death. That part made me feel better.

  3. Fleas are bad, but you can get rid of them! Helpful hint from a former vet tech: put a flea collar in your vacuum. Flea collars don’t work on your animals because there’s too much open air, but in an enclosed vacuum they are amazeballs. Just stick one in there, vacuum away, and then leave the vacuum for about 48 hours or so to make sure all the nasty buggers are dead.
    Also, you may know this but if you don’t: fleas don’t actually live on your cats, but rather in the “nest area.” So be sure and wash any bedding, cat beds, etc, where the kitties sleep (and vacuum the upholstery while you’re at it).
    You can handle this, you’re a cleaning pro!

  4. All these tips are amazing!!
    I know I was told to use brewer’s yeast in their food during pest season instead of flea collars (which the felines all promptly remove). I am going to buy a new vaccuum soon and will buy a flea collar with it!
    and MissB you couldn’t be a bad hostess or a bad kitty mama even if you TRIED so shut your trap!

  5. Oh, Miss B, I feel your pain. My new apartment gave my cat fleas a couple of summers ago. I was too cheap to spend all the money on a proper deflea’ing, so I combed my poor kitty everyday (which she loooooved, and i still have the scars to prove it) and drowned the suckers in hot soapy water and then vacuumed (the carpet, not the cat). It worked, but it was a good thing I had no life, cuz it was time consuming. This too shall pass!

  6. Ack! Fleas; I can relate. About three months after moving into a new apartment, it was FleaPalooza. For no reason!
    Adam’s Flea & Tick Home Spray, Advantage for the kitteh, and Borax on the carpet worked wonders. I love that idea of putting a flea collar into the vacuum, too. You can also sprinkle the Borax in the kitty litter.

  7. Crap, I was going to give you the flea-collar-vacuum trick. I came home from New York late last night to a broken AC and standing water in my ductwork. Big money, bad smell. We match, not matchy-matchy, but still, so why didn’t I get to see you?

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