May I Sneeze Upon Thee? No? Then Have Some Links

Ugh, y'all. I am ill. I seem to have the plague in my sinuses. Also probably every other disease known to man or beast. So, I'm shilling my other writey stuff today, and giving you linky-loos to follow and enjoy before my FACE EXPLODES ARGH.

Shh. Very quietly now, my head is splitting.

First up, we have my newest recap JOY AND RAPTURE over at MamaPop. Yep, I'm recapping The Bachelor Pad, and YOU want to read those recaps, yes? You might want to put a full-body condom on first. 

Clicky on the Valtrex!


And for something COMPLETELY different, my article on Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, more specifically the character of Knives Chau, and how she resonates with me far more than Bella Swan ever could.

Clicky on the Ass-Kicking!


Okay, that's it. More later, when my nose isn't esploding. 



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