*ARMFLAIL* I Have A Blog!

Didja ever forget something? Like the fact that you have a blog, and blogs are for WRITING, and maybe you should, I dunno, WRITE on your BLOG every once and a while, I mean, this damn site doesn't come for FREE, Y'ALL. Oh noooooooooooooo, I couldn't get a free-hosted site like a SMART PERSON, I have to PAY real American MONEY for this thing, and since the hosting company basically makes it IMPOSSIBLE to CHANGE to a free site, hot damn, I better get crackin' on this writing thing. 

Wow, that was a little rant-y, yes? Well that's good. I'm feeling a little ranty today.


Let me share with you an email that I sent completely randomly and out of the blue today to the distro list of MamaPoppers. This email was not asked for, and the email thread was quickly abandoned after this rant. I do that to people. WITNESS!

"WHY do I WATCH this SHOW? I dvr it every week and every week I'm all "Oh, HawthoRNe. This will be better THIS week" and it never is. No. No, it's NEVER ANY BETTER. The writing is piss-poor, the acting is wooden, Jada Pinkett Smith, although I am sure she could kick my ass even though I'm a foot taller than she is, has exactly ONE emotion, and that emotion is "You're standing on my toe." AND YET I WATCH IT EVERY WEEK. You know WHY I watch this show every week? Because it's a scripted drama. I miss scripted dramas. I don't watch them anymore. I watch terrible reality shows and politics on MSNBC and that's it. So yeah, I watch HawthoRNe. I even capitalize the RN like the asshole that I am. Fuck you, TNT. Fuck you, Jada. And fuck me, I've gotta start getting out more."

So yeah, I did that. I have a COLD, people. That is probably PNEUMONIA or the GALLOPING CONSUMPTION and I lay here PERISHING on my fainting couch and do I get any help around this place? DO I, I ASK YOU?

No, no I do not. The other residents of this apartment are too busy doing this:


It's really gotten out of hand. I lay here, wheezing and coughing, and I get no sympathy, but all FINN has  to do is cry a teeny little tiny cry and Tobes and Lu are all up in his grill, smoooooooching and huggging and LOVING on him while I lay here and CROAK.

Ahem. Anything else?

Oh, and yes, he's still nursing on my lip. And I'm letting him, dammit. Shaddap.

This ranty blog has been entirely too silly and pointless, SO I'M GOING TO GO NOW. 

Aren't you glad I updated? 



*ARMFLAIL* I Have A Blog! — 5 Comments

  1. There are still good scripted dramas out there! Depending on your tastes, there’s Mad Men, House, Bones, Breaking Bad, True Blood, Brothers and Sisters, Damages, Nurse Jackie (more dramedy), In Treatment… shows that are way better than the dreck HawthoRNE (I mean the title alone, UGH) sounds like.

  2. OMG…Finn has grown so much since the last post. Leave to ginger kitties to be able to mew just a bit and have everyone come running. I have a 17 y/o ginger who really knows how to push my buttons.
    Man, Finn’s growing fast.

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