Just Because I Have A Tumblr Now Doesn’t Mean I’m Abandoning The Blog

BUT Y'ALL TUMBLR IS SO FUN GO CHECK IT OUT!!!! http://madwomanintheattic.tumblr.com/

Lemme 'splain. No, my attention span is too short. Lemme sum up. On new meds, scattered and exhausted, entire blog post difficult to impossible to achieve. Have NOT ABANDONED BLOG. But if you wanna see my brain drips and drops throughout the day, go to http://madwomanintheattic.tumblr.com/ to see what falls out of my head all day.

Really working on a new entry, more about my voice (or lack thereof). Honestly. Truly. Go play on Tumblr, it's rilly fun. 


Miss B

From my Tumblr 


Just Because I Have A Tumblr Now Doesn’t Mean I’m Abandoning The Blog — 4 Comments

  1. *Groan* I did look at your Tumblr and I like. And now you’ve got me thinking about it and plotting new designs… which sucks because your ARMFLAIL post reminded me that I do have a blog that took me a long time to get up… and I’ve only done 2 measly posts so far (mostly because my attention is short right now also… but also because I compulsively design new blogs secretly… at night… all alone… instead of populating the one I already have…)
    So…your Tumblr looks good… I will read and try.to.resist.the.temptation.to.create.another blog…
    at least I finally stopped buying domains names right left and centre… if you are interested in “quetchfetch” domain do let me know…
    (yeah, I know, I thought that it was brilliant one night… sort of like bitchfest, but not quite as catchy… get it?)
    Take care for now….

  2. I am following! I love my tumblr blog. I can post any ol’ random crap there with no “I need to write a proper blog post” pressure. tis wonderbar. Although I do have enough talent to neglect more than 1 blog.

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