to write.

Trying so hard.

I haven't forgotten you.

My brain won't focus for more than a few moments.

Still on Twitter and Tumblr and MamaPop. 

There's just no spark to write here.

I'll keep trying.


I told you I wasn't going anywhere and I'm not.

I just need to try harder.

I'll be back

Even if I have to ditch this freaking new med.

Writing is more important to me.

I'd rather be a crazy writer

than a zombie with nothing to say. 


Trying — 9 Comments

  1. It’s okay to go through a dry spell on your blog. It happens to me frequently with mine. The words will come when you’re ready.

  2. creativity goes in cycles, it ebbs and flows, you will be back in the flow again soon. And I look forward to reading it. 🙂

  3. You need to give yourself more credit (even if you are zombiefied). That line about the grey kitten popping open a tiny umbrella on your last Bachelor Pad recap made me howl.

  4. Well, you can always let the cats write the blog for a week or so. I am sure at least one of them has plenty to say 😉 Of course, I just want to see more adorable pics, but some Lulu snark would be welcome too. Hang in there…

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