I Can Do This

I can write. I write every day when I have deadlines. I have THOUGHTS, dammit. I just have to shake the fog from my brain and WRITE. 

Okay, that wasn't too hard. Writing! It's what I do! 

So the medication situation: For the first week on Invega, I couldn't stay awake. For the second week, I haven't been able to sleep. Like, NOOOOO SLEEEEEEPING has occurred. Which is a damn shame, because I really enjoy sleeping. But I finally crashed out last night around 2 am, and slept for FIVE! Whole! Hours! And that, my beloved little squirrels, is a lot of sleep. Five whole hours, man. That's more than I had in about 2 days combined this week. So let's just hope that the medication is evening itself out and that the worst is over. 

Writing! It's what's for dinner!

Of course, I just deleted three paragraphs because I'm not ready to ask y'all a question that has come up regarding moi. It's nothing bad, in fact, it could be something SUPER AWESOME, but it requires help, help from YOU, my squirrels, and I am…Not good at asking for help. Not at all. 

So yeah, just erased another paragraph. 

Let's call this entry the proverbial toe in the water of getting back to the blog, shall we? I'm just dipping my toe in. Deep breaths. I can do this. 

Nope. Erase, erase, erase. 

Fine, so I'm clearly not ready to ask y'all the question. How about if I make it hypothetical! It's just a TOTALLY HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION that has NOTHING TO DO with reality at ALL. Can I ask it then, brain?



Writing! I'm starting to irritate everyone, aren't I? I mean, what if someone ELSE, not ME, were to ask… 

Nope. Delete, delete, delete.

Toe in the water. That's what this is. Baby toe. That's what I can manage today.

A thousand apologies for this, the stupidest and most infuriating blog entry on the planet. 

I'll try again later. 

Love you more than my luggage. 


Miss B

Here! Look at some kittehs!!!!!! FORGET I EVER SAID ANYTHING.



I Can Do This — 7 Comments

  1. Seriously, how can we help? We (by which I mean, I, since I shouldn’t really speak for others) are all over it.
    Also, still here. Still not irritated. Still reading and happy when you are able to post.

  2. Do what my daughter did when she was 11 and didn’t want to be seen picking out underwear at the store. I asked her “So what kind of underwear shall we buy for your friend?” So whenever she needs underwear now, it’s always for her friend. She’s 22.

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