Common Sense Can Pack A Bag

Common Sense: Ah. Mah gah. You have to stop.

Me: Wha?

CS: Telling people intimate details of your life. The Crazy. The Tooth. BLAH BLAH BLAH. You are the whiniest whiner ever to whine.


CS: Excuse me?

Me: I feel like a HUMAN BEING today. I’m not feeling crazy, and sure, my tooth of doom is collapsing in misery as we speak, but *I* am going to have a good day. And there ain’t jack shit you can do to ruin it.

CS: You’re very silly.

Me: MAYBE I AM. Maybe I’ll be silly today. Maybe today I’ll wear my Freddy Krueger skirt my mother hates and go to lunch with a friend and MAYBE DO OTHER THINGS TOO. Doing things! Real people things! Things that aren’t giant leaps and bounds to the Bin!

CS: You know, we should talk about the Bin-

Me: NO.

CS: But we need to probably prepare for, well, the DOOM.

Me: Not today, toots.

CS: But…the doom! The inescapable doom that will surely befall us with the medication and the crazy and the DOOM!

Me: I’m not dwelling on doom today.

CS: Excellent way to have doom kick you right in the ass.

Me: Very well then. Let doom kick me in the ass. But until that happens, it’s a beautiful day, I’m going to go OUT, my demon tooth can just SUCK IT for a while, and WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR YOU TO ACCEPT THAT I WANT TO HAVE A GOOD DAY?

CS: Because we don’t HAVE good days. Remember what Stevil said? About us?

Me: Well I want to change that.

CS: He’s known us forEVER. And HE said that WE cannot be happy.

Me: False! He did NOT say that, you’re spinning what he said.

CS: Okay, he said we don’t KNOW HOW to be happy. We don’t ALLOW ourself to be happy.

Me: Yep. And we have to work on that. Won’t happen overnight, but we have to start working on the “allowing ourself to be happy” thing.

CS: But…the doom.

Me: It’s true. We don’t let ourselves be happy because we think that allowing any sort of happiness will mean that DOOM is coming to kick us in the ass and laugh at our pitiful hopes to find even the TINIEST bit of joy in life. It’s mean, what we do to ourself.


Me: It’s CALLED being miserable. And we are officially going to start working on that. I DECREE IT.

CS: Foolio.

Me: Perhaps. But hey, let’s look at what the lovely commenters said when we wrote that the new medication didn’t seem to be doing anything.


Me: God, shut UP. They said that it might not have fixed anything, but I didn’t go loopy loo and I wasn’t in the bin, and THESE ARE GOOD THINGS. We need to concentrate on those. It’s hard as hell, but we’ve got to try.

CS: You as Little Mary Sunshine is…utterly nauseating.

Me: I kinda feel that way too. But I’m giving it a whirl today. Can’t be worse than the Doom, right?

CS: Shoot yourself in the foot. Go ahead. See if I care.

Me: I’m starting to think you’re under contract with The Doom. You’re like my DOOM DEALER.


Me: You’re MEAN. And today, I am going out. You can stay home and brood.

CS: Go ahead! Pay the price. Don’t whine to ME when everything falls to pieces.

Me: I’m giving it a shot. Here I go. Good day. I’m going to try to have one.


Me: And away I go. Wish me luck.


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  1. this is my first time commenting, and let me say I love your Blogs!
    Including this one!
    Hope everything’s going well for you!:)

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