The Banshee Vs.

I will be posting more on this as the situation unfolds, but here’s the bare-bones scenario. I purchased tickets and bought insurance on a round-trip flight from Newark to Savannah GA that I was not able to use due to a psychotic episode. It was physically and mentally impossible for me to get on that plane, and were I to be on the flight, I would have been a danger to myself and others.

When I cancelled the flight two days before it was to take place, I asked if I could please have my trip refunded or transferred, as I had insured the flight, and was medically unable to fly. I was told that does not refund any flights, even those that are insured, for “mental, emotional, or psychotic illnesses”, only “physical ailments”.

Never mind that I have a bevy of doctors who are ready to back me up, and never mind that I have a Masters Degree in Social Work and I KNOW the rights of patients. I am a human being, and I know that my illness is just as legitimate as any “physical ailment”.

I am in the process of acquiring the proper paperwork to dispute this decision, and I hope knows that they disrespected the wrong mentally ill woman.

This is not over.


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  1. Mental illness is treated by a psychiatrist. Who is a medical doctor. There is no difference. If the insurance covers illness, it covers illness. Anyting else is bullox. If you want free legal help – contact me.

  2. Mental illness *is* a medical issue – you have something chemically wrong in your brain. (I have struggled with major depression most of my life, so I know of what I speak.) If they covered a cancellation due to, say, my fibromyalgia, they should cover one due to my depression, too.

    Keep fighting, girl! You have teh intarwebz behind you!

  3. This is a huge pet peeve of mine, seeing as how I’m a mentally ill person (chronic unipolar depression) from a long line of mentally ill people. We’re not “really” ill, we’re just “mentally” ill. The fuck? We take meds every day, we see doctors, sometimes we’re functional and sometimes we’re not. How is that different from any other chronic illness?

    I’m glad you’re out there fighting the good fight, love. As always, don’t let the bastards grind you down, and keep us posted on how this all pans out, please?
    Lizzie last post: It gets better- and help is out there

  4. not sayin’ you shouldn’t pursue this with hotwire because they are definitely wrong in this sitch, but it might be easier to get your money back through your credit card or debit card. little known fact.. most of them include trip insurance for free.

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