Ah mah gah, you guys, guess what I have.

No guess.


Oh, yeah, I got my tooth pulled and there is a whole story that goes with that, but that’ll be for later. GUESS WHAT I HAVE RIGHT NOW OMG.

I have. My very own. Hand me down. Slightly used. Practically new. Totally awesome.



Okay, lemme splain. My dear friend Dutch, who is vair awesome and talented, and oh look, you can visit him RIGHT HERE at was meeting me for a show a month or so ago and when he got there, he asked why I hadn’t responded to his direct message on Twitter.

“Well I don’t have an iPhone”, I said. “Rumor has it those require money.”

And then do you know what that wonderful pal of mine did? He OFFERED his old iPhone to me. I wouldn’t have the phone plan or anything, but it would work in wifi areas. AND IT HAS SHINY BUTTONS. That was more than enough for me.

I got it yesterday and haven’t stopped playing with it yet. Did you know there’s a Rachel Maddow app? THERE TOTALLY IS. And a Food Network Nighttime app? THEY HAVE THAT TOO. Every free app there is? I am downloading, because I am a HUGE NERDO and maybe a little tiny bit too excited about this phone.

And the fact that it doesn’t work as an actual PHONE is fine by me, cause I hate talking on the phone anyway.

Here is an actual picture taken with my actual iPhone (Still deciding on a name) of my actual bellybutton with my actual makeshift bellybutton ring in it. (I lost my regular one.)

and that’s as close to a sexy picture as you’ll ever get from me. My naked bellybutton. SO SCANDALOUS!

ANYWAY, yes, yes, yes. Dutch is a wonderful (and talented, seriously, check out his site) friend, my iAmNotAPhone is AWESOME, my bellybutton ring has been MacGyvered, and just as you’re shaking your head right about now wondering what in the name of pants is wrong with me tonight? I explain thusly:

As I said above, I had my tooth pulled yesterday. There might be lovely Vicodin in my tummy right now. Hence the silly.

More coherency and 30 Days of Truth Day 2 tomorrow. Right now I have to go play Angry Birds on my iAmNotAPhone.

Vicodin kisses!


Techno-Joy! — 5 Comments

  1. Lucky you, to have such a lovely gift-giving friend! My sister did the same thing with her Hubs’ oldish iPhone. No phone connections but as happy as you are. YAY for camera & games & Twitter w/WiFi! I looove Angry Birds but I’m the angry one as I’m stuck on Level 1-13. Still.

  2. Oh Ms. Banshee: I love your writing and though I consider myself to be very liberal politically and socially, I’m a also a wee bit conservative so please change your profile picture on Facebook. I don’t want to see body parts. No likey.

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