Dear Diary,

Mama say Finn and Toby big boys now, should learn to write like big bruddah Stewie did, so Finn and Toby flip mousie and Finn LOOOOOOOSE, so he have to write blog while Tobes watches out window for STUFF. Dat’s our favoritest thingie, looking for STUFF OUTSIDE. We sit in window and watch loud children screeeeeeeeam and yell outside and we glare at dem like Lulu teech us to.

Oh yes. the Lulee? She didn’t like us at first, put up BIG FUSS, but now we bestie friends, yes indeedy, she give lots of hugs and kisses and we all SNUGGLE I KNOW IT’S TROO! Dat Lulee, she all talk. She love Finny. Not so much Tobes, But let’s face it, ginger cats da BEST, I know cause I is one. Do you have a gingee cat? Oh man, you should go get one RIGHT NOW, cause we so awesome, I am telling you the truth. We rock. Let Finny tell you dat much for free. Let Finny tell you how awesometastic a gingee cat will be for you. You will get so excited dat you go get one TODAY. Okay. SO.

When you have a ginger cat, you never have to be lonelies ever again! I KNOW! It’s great, cause if you get a ginger cat that gingee will be ALL UP IN YOUR GRILL 24/7. If you walk, ginger cat walk with you. You sit, ginger cat sit on your lap, or even your BOOBS if you happen to have any of those. You stand still? Yep, ginger cat, climbing your leg. Gingers have so much love to give we CAN’T CONTAIN OURSELVES, gotta LOVE ON YOU ALL THE TIME.

Unless!! There are shenanigans afoot, and then dat ginger cat go on HUNTING TIME. No messing  around during hunting timez. Gotta SCOUT and PATROL and make sure every little thing in world IN PROPER ORDER and then gingee can go take another nap. But patrol serious bizness, and you never know where you’ll find a ginger when he’s SCOUTING FOR INVADERS. Maybe in your dresser drawer! Maybe in your REFRIGERATOR. Better go everywhere in whole house just to make sure. And if you ever say to yourself “Self? Where did I put that ginger cat? I cannot find him any place in all the land!”



Phineas Nigellus Cat



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  1. Dear Finn,
    I am truly delighted to meet you! My name is Zoe; and, although I’m not the amazing Ginger that you are, I have wonderful qualities of my own. I can travel to other worlds and communicate with all kinds of beings while Mama thinks I’m “sleeping”. I can also make my favorite fluffy sparkly balls disappear and reappear. Mama thinks she is losing her mind!! Oh Purr!!

    I’m a very beautiful charcoal grey with tabby stripeys–and if I let you ruffle my fur towards my head, it’s snow white!! I adore cuddles, can’t get enough of them from Mama, so maybe I could have snugglies with you, Lulu and Toby one day. I would love to be in a big, warm, snugglie pile in the outside cold times.

  2. Aw, Finn. Ginger cats are the best! I have a 17 y/o Ginger named Albert. Do you know what, Finn? he doesn’t have a tail! he’s a Manx cat. He still purrs, plays and loves on the mama just like when he was a kitten. Gingers are the best.

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