Common Sense Returneth (For Reals)

Common Sense: Um. Hi.

Me: *flees, dives under couch*

CS: Please come out.

Me: No. You’ve changed, you’re very mean, and after yesterday I can’t deal with mean. Not today.

CS: It wasn’t me.

Me: Yes it WAS. Little voice in my head? Nagging me all the time? THAT’S YOU.

CS: That was my evil twin, Paranoia.

Me: *sticks head out from under couch* Evil twin? We watch too many soap operas. *pops back under couch*

CS: Seriously, though. Paranoia looks just like me, sounds just like me, she’s just…evil.

Me: Well whoever’s been talking in my head lately, I don’t like it one bit. Make it stop.

CS: *sighs* Trying.

Me: Try harder.

CS: Trying as best as I can. She’s a stubborn bitch.

Me: *pokes head out* It’s really you?

CS: Yes. It’s really me. She had me tied up in the broom closet.

Me: *ducks under couch again* We don’t have a broom closet.

CS: Work with me here.

Me: FINE. *climbs out from under couch* So what do you have to say?

CS: I’m pretty impressed, actually, is what I wanted to say.

Me: Quoi?

CS: With how you’ve been handling things. I mean, it’s been pretty bad.

Me: PRETTY BAD? *hysterical laughing*

CS: Okay, REALLY bad. But you’re still here. You’re fighting the good fight.

Me: *scowls* Of course I am, that’s all I damn do is fight. That’s apparently my JOB. I should have a cape.

CS: I gotta say, I’m glad I’m back.

Me: We’ll see. What about Paranoia?

CS: She’s trying to gnaw through the ropes. Can you hear her?

Me: Yep.

CS: Sorry. I’m trying, she’s wicked strong. I’ll go duct tape her fool mouth again.

Me: I’d appreciate that.

CS: Hey.

Me: Yah?

CS: Missed you.

Me: I missed you too.


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