Egads. What Have I Done?

Me: *ARMFLAIL* Help!

Common Sense: What? What’s on fire?! What’s going on??!

Me: *whispers* Shut. Up. We’re hiding.

CS:  Oh christ on the cross.

Me: Get under the couch. Reeeeeeeal slow like.

CS: It smells under here.

Me: Focus! Okay. We have a problem.

CS: What? What the hell is going on?

Me: I’m…*whispers* happy.


Me: SHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m really happy today.

CS: Because we’re officially getting off one of the meds? One less in the fistful of pills? Because the new one’s working so well? Is that why you’re so happy?

Me: Announce it to the damn world, why don’t you. Great, now Doom is gonna wake up.

CS: Oh lordo.

Me: Yes, that’s part of it. But there’s something else.

CS: What? Oooooooooooh.

Me: Yeah.

CS: That’s a big thing to say out loud. That you’re happy because –

Me: SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I  don’t think I’m ready yet.

CS: Then why are we typing this out?

Me: I overshare every moment of my life in the innerwebz? I make poor decisions? I’m daft?

CS: I think you should say it. There is no bad here. Outpost31 is awesome.

Me: I KNOW. That’s why I can’t say anything. Doom! Doom will come!

CS: Because you’re happy in the company of another person? That you connected with someone from your past in a weird twist of fate and internet juju and now you two can’t get enough of each other? That you’re really, really HAPPY?

Me: We typed it.

CS: I know.

Me: Nothing to do now but wait.

CS: Sigh. I’m gonna go out on a big ol’ limb here and say that the internet at large will be very happy for you. There’s really no bad here. Logistics are screwy, but…we’re okay with that. What will happen will happen. We’re actually at peace with this. We’re…happy.

Me: I’m going to hit “publish”.

CS: Do it.

Me: Here goes nothing.


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  1. Yay! Also, thanks for saying ‘Egads’ too. Makes me think of my grandmother. She always used to say that and then giggle. So you aren’t just happy, but you’re spreading it too! =)

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