*FWING!* Moooooooooooooo….

Me: Go ahead and look. You’ll never find me on the internet. I’m like a NINJA.

Outpost31: You’re all over YouTube, babe.

Me: Curses.

Outpost31: I am the king of the search engines!

Me: Well leave those videos be. I couldn’t be a bigger dork.

Outpost31: That’s what makes it art.

Me: This is so embarrassing.

Outpost31: Did you make this hat?

Me: AAAAAAAAAAAH!! Oh yes, PLEASE let’s use that screenshot. Christ on the cross, man! I look like the Joker and my chin has its own zip code.

Outpost31: Hahahahahahhahahahhaa!

Me: Shame.

Outpost31: No! Not the Shame!

Me: Wear the shame.

Outpost31: NEVER!

Outpost31 is away: Photoshopping Miss Banshee

Me: No! Don’t you dare!

Me: *shakes fist*

Me: Dammit.

Me: Hello?!?!!?!!?!?!?! Shit.

Me: …

File Transfer complete

Me: Well done.

Outpost31: Not bad for a quick job.

Me: Hysterically funny for the two people who get that joke.

Outpost31: Yes.

Me: That would be you and me.

Outpost31: Thank you.

Me: (we’re the two people)

Outpost31: Got it.

Me: (in case you were confused)

Outpost31: Yes. Thank you.

Me: I’m going to share this with the internet.

Outpost31: No one’s going  to find it funny.

Me: There’s a COW in my APARTMENT. And I’m making a face with my face.

Outpost 31: And a catapult!

Me: Oh yes. How could I forget.

Outpost31: That’s funny, right there.

Me: You’re very clever.

Outpost31: I don’t want to alarm you…

Me: ?

Outpost31: But don’t. Look. Behind you.

Me: Huh?

file transfer complete

Me: I’m about to get slain, aren’t I?

Outpost 31: Yes.

Me: It’s getting crowded in here. What with the cow and the catapult.

Outpost31: And Blade.

Me: And Blade.

Outpost31: I can put you in any setting. We have only just begun.

Me: Fantastic. Well played.

Outpost31: Yes. I know.


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