I Can See You. I Can SEE YOU

I’m here today to talk about Toby. Remember that wee little man who was so tiny and fragile and adorable and the sweetest little kitty ever to purr? My baby boy? Remember him?

Um, yeah. those days are long gone. Toby’s a right pain in the ass these days, and just like that freaking ginger crack baby Finn, Toby gone loony. He’s completely insane. But his latest “trick” is fixin’ to send me right round the bend. Allow me to demonstrate.

Me: *works on computer*

Toby *runs in circles in kitchen sink*

Me: *investigates noise*

Toby: *shrinks to pint-sized in sink*

Me: I can see you.

Toby: *scrunches in corner of sink*

Me: Seriously? You’re hiding? In the sink. Where I can see you.

Toby: Mrow?

Me: You’re not very stealthy. I CAN SEE YOU, A-HOLE.

Toby: Mow. Mow?

Me: You’d make a terrible ninja. Out of the sink.

Toby: Mrow.

Me: Out of the sink. Now.

Toby: *rolls onto back*

Me: I…can’t…resist… *turns on water*

Toby: *dripping wet* Mrow?!

Me: You made me do that, Soggy Bottom Boy.

Toby: *non-plussed* Mrow. *lays down in sink again*

Me: Would Monsieur like an hors d’oeuvre?

Toby: *sagely* Mrooooow. Mow mow mow.

Me: Dear goddy, I’ve been talking to a cat for ten minutes.

Toby: Mow.

Me: I’ve got problems. Big ones.

Toby: Mow. *makes self comfy in sink*

Me: Biiiiiiiiig problems.


I Can See You. I Can SEE YOU — 8 Comments

  1. Oh the antics! My old cats’ tricks are limited to scratching up the sofa arm and trying to eat my dental floss as I use it. Enjoy these fun times for they will not last!

  2. Sorry to deliver bad tidings, Miss Banshee, but kitties LOVE to curl up in sinks! My father-in-law’s cat, Tigger, was an 18 pounder (or so) that ADORED to roll himself into a curl in the bathroom sink. My Zoe will not lie in the sink, but enjoys it if I turn on the water to a tiny stream. She would start “feeling” and batting at it with her paws; then bite at the fresh water for a drink. There’s even a website: http://www.catsinsinks.com
    Good Luck with this one, Miss B, you have a sink kitty and Finn may start to copy Toby!
    Love to you (I’m SO DAMN thrilled that the new medicine is doing so well for you!!!!), Toby-the-Sink-Kitty and Finn-the-Lamp-Ninja.

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