That’s My Finny

Guys? I tell you, I wax poetic to you, I TRY my BEST to convey to you how hilarious Finn is, but sometimes the photos have to speak for themselves. Witness:

Seriously? You’re seriously going to sit like that in front of goddy and everyone, with your business hanging out in the breeze? You’re a CAT, not Al Bundy for the love of pants, and speaking of pants, why don’t we get you a pair of pants and a beer and the TV remote if you’re actually going to sit like that like nothing’s wrong, Oh my LORDO, cat.

In case I didn’t make my point before:

Really? Really. Oh, and that’s not all I have found lately. People ask me “Dude? Do you POSE these pictures? Because really? How can there possibly be such ridiculousness going on in your home at all times, that just doesn’t make SENSE, it’s not POSSIBLE, to which I say “Oh, but it is”. See?

This is why I always have my camera with me. Because you never know when you’re going to walk into the kitchen and find Finny wedged in with my water, or playing hide and seek with Tobes.

And no, he CAN’T get ¬†out by himself, I have to go in and fetch him. Of course I do. Because I’m TRAINED. Because it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again. Because I live in a three ring circus, and Finny is the ringmaster.

God I love that little bastard.


That’s My Finny — 5 Comments

  1. Who’s a cutesie poopsie poo?

    Iz you a cutesie poopsie poo?

    You iz! You iz a cutesie poopsie poo!

    Also, I’m going to need photos of Toby in the sink. Pronto.

  2. One of my cats does that often. He started doing it in the summertime so I thought he was just sitting that way because it was cooler, having his belly hang out. Now I just think he’s a freakbag.

  3. My “robust” female cat likes to sit like that too…we call it her Buddha pose, as her ample belly hangs out. I love to see pics/hear stories of other people’s cats acting like lunatics so that I know my cats aren’t the only ones. That box w/the water? My female cat would wedge herself inside it, then lay there upside-down & chew on the plastic.

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