And There Was Much Rejoicing

Outpost31: *sits like a vulture on the edge of the couch, watching TV*

Me: *tries to cuddle, fails, tries another tactic, fails, flounces behind Outpost31, securing arms around his hips, grins triumphantly, cannot see television*

Outpost31: Aw. *pets hair*

Me: *winning grin, tries to scootch up to see “Bridezillas”*

Outpost31: *Roar of disbelief at “Bridezillas”*

Me: *ungracefully shoves self up to see television* Oh yeah, she’s a beesh *lies, did not see*

Outpost31: *looks at me curiously, as there has been much slithering behind his back*

Me: *winning smile*

Outpost31: *returns to vulture pose, allowing self to lie on couch and see over his lap*

*Much banter re: “Bridezillas”*

*Toby enters*

Me: Oh for the love of pants.

Outpost31: *snorfle. Snerk. ACHOO*

Me: *helplessly* HE LOVES YOU. Toby is in love with you. There’s naught to be done.


Me: This is a disaster.

Toby: *wraps around Outpost31’s ankles, happily gnaws on his Achilles tendon*

Outpost31: WTF??!?!!? OW!

Me: *winning smile* HE LOVES YOU!

Outpost31: Grand. Also? Ow.

Me: *chucks Toby across room, winning smile* This is going so well!

Outpost31: Quite.

Etc. Etc. Etc……..And lather, rinse, repeat re: Toby. But at least I could see the TV.


And There Was Much Rejoicing — 4 Comments

  1. Seriously, Toby needs a teething ring. Perhaps you can find one that’s been fashioned into the shape of a foot. It seems to be his fetish.

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