Sobbing. Laughing.

Mom Banshee: Hey. In Twilight, is Jacob a good guy or a bad guy?

Me: *weeps laughing* Good guy. WHY are you asking me this? *crying laughing*

Mom: Well Dad picked up a figure of Jacob at Physical Therapy cause we have the church toy drive and I was wondering if he’s good or bad.

Me: *sobbing* He’s a good guy. And tormented. And a werewolf.

Mom: Hmm.

Me: I cannot control my laughing right now.

Mom: He’s not wearing a shirt.

Me: *SCREAMING LAUGHING* He never wears a shirt, he’s tormented. And a werewolf.

Mom: Just pants. and a tattoo.

Me: *inconsolable shrieking laughter*

Mom: What?

Me: Nothing…you won’t understand…it’s nothing.

Mom: I was just wondering. I’ve got to get back to my tetrizzini.

Me: BYE! *falls apart laughing*


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  1. Ya’ know, I’d honestly have to side w/Mom on this one: I’ve assumed until now that Jacob, Edward & Bella were all “good”, but actually have no clue, since I’ve neither read the Twilight books nor seen the movies…and have no screaming desire to do so. AND I’ve got a pretty awesome homemade tetrazzini in my fridge too!

  2. Ha! Moms are too much fun! Mine asks silly questions too. I’ve explained twitter to her a dozen times & she still thinks Roger Ebert & I are BFFs. ?? Absolutely no clue about anything beyond 1978. AND she too gets her feelings hurt if I laugh about it. I have no kids so thankfully I’ll never be on the other end of this.

  3. I think your family really, really rocks and I would love to join for a family holiday meal. Are you currently accepting applications for adoption? I can provide my own cats and adorable children.
    rockle last post: Im An Aunt!

  4. Bwahahahahaha! That would rank up there with the time my then-13 year old sister asked my mother what ‘cunnilingus’ meant. I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard.

    And my mom thinks that LOL means ‘lots of love’ which I suppose it could but man it throws me for a loop when she uses in signing off of emails.
    Dawn last post: Noahs Birth Story- Part the First

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