What’s A Blog?

So I got an email this morning reminding me O HAI YOU HAVE A BLOG and I’m sure exactly one person will read this and that one person is my mom, so…Hi mom! I stopped blogging and everyone has forgotten all about me, but LET’S GIVE IT A WHIRL ANYWAY.

I wish I had a good story to explain my absence, but the simple answer is that I sprained? Broke? my wrist and I got sick, and blah blah blah everything but write. And I finally have the use of my left hand again, so let’s do some WRITING! WOOT!

Cat count stands at three.

One wrist: still shady, but eh, I got bored of the brace (ok, I took it off because MAN that thing was STANK-ASS.

One Miss Banshee: feeling better after a month of “La la la I don’t have a blog, hey I know! I’ll take a nap!”

It was a combination of depression and the wrist and not feeling well and BLAH, enough with that.

One blog: STILL ALIVE!

So call this a placeholder until I feel the muse. Probably later. Or tomorrow! Ooooooh, I have the craptastic meds doc tomorrow, that will be good to write about. So yeah, this is lame, but I’m wicked scatterbrained (probably from the craptastic meds from my craptastic doctor) so I should have plenty to bitch about tomorrow.

Till then, then.

Love y’all. I’ll write something a little less craptastic tomorrow.


What’s A Blog? — 21 Comments

  1. Hey, I’m not your mom and I’m totally still here! I’ll be excited to read whatever scatterbrained musings you manage to post.

    Hope the appointment isn’t too craptastic!

  2. Yea! Glad to see you back here. Glad you and your cats are still out there in the world. Sorry about the wrist of course.

  3. Good to know you haven’t forgotten all us little squirrels! Hope that wrist heals soon. Ice packs (or bags of frozen peas) I’m telling ya. Along with pudding, naps & kitty head bumps.

  4. My count: 1-cat, 4-trips to the bathroom since dinner, 1-broken driver’s side rear view mirror, 1-check to repair (thanks Progressive!) and 1 blog I will always read– Yours. You are forever on page 1 of my iPod touch screen.
    Love from Nadine
    P.S. Wash brace with antibacterial hand soap, rinse well & let air-dry. No more stinkies!!

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