It’s My Woobie. You Want To Fight About It?

I was always a horrendously insecure child. I sucked my thumb voraciously until I was 13. I have a blanky (it now lives on my dresser) and I always had a woobie. Whether it was a stuffed panda in my young days, to a delightfully big stuffed bear when I aged out of the tiny bear, I always had a comfort creature. These days, with my animals long gone (grr) and my thin and fragile blanky safely out of harm’s way, I have a body pillow. It’s my woobie. I can’t sleep without it. Without my woobie I’m just a mess of arms and legs with nothing to hold on to, if you don’t count the cats.


So yeah, I have a body pillow. And I cling onto that motherfucker like my life depends on it. Because I might be now 34 years old, but I’m still insecure as hell, and need something soft to hang onto. You wanna fight about it?


It’s My Woobie. You Want To Fight About It? — 12 Comments

  1. How old am I? I am now in the demographic bracket right before the one that ends in a dash because no one gives a fuck anymore. ANYWAY, I just, JUST tossed out my baby blanket. I only carried it around until I was…6 or so (which someone recently made a big deal out of, like YOU HAD A BLANKIE AT 6? STILL?) but I kept it in a plastic bag all this time. It was disgusting and dirty and torn, but it finally, after 5 decades, occurred to me “Oh, yeah, maybe no one will ever want this.” Duh. It was just so valuable to me that I couldn’t get my mind around the fact that it was trash.
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    • Not only is my pillow my woobie, but when I occasionally stay with my parents, I proudly tote that mofo out to the car and somehow manage a twin bed with my person, two pillows, and my body pillow. There is not a single inch left to waste. I am amazed I haven’t cracked my damn skull open doing that trick.

  2. I’m 20 years older than you and sleep with my Eeyore. He has no eyes nor tail (chewed off by dog long ago)but fits perfectly in my arms. I sure need him these days. So don’t feel like you gotta fight about it! We know how tough you really are.

  3. I have my comfort critters too, and I’m … several years older than 34. They sit on my headboard, right there if I need them at 3am some day. My favourite comfort critter story is this one.

    I’m standing in line to board a plane (I LOATHE flying – I’m not phobic, I can do it, but I despise every minute from taxiing to landing), and of course my portable critter – a small blue bear – is with me. Carryon is stuffed full of knitting, medications, lunch, sweater, etc, so Blueberry’s head is poking out at the top of the zipper.

    Little kid behind me in line: “Mom?”
    Mom: “Yes?”
    Kid: “Remember you said I’m too big to bring Teddy on the plane?”
    Mom: “Yes”
    Kid, vociferously: “But that lady’s got one!”
    Me, turning around: “and I wouldn’t even THINK of getting on an airplane without one!”

    Hope the kid won the argument for their return flight.

  4. Whatever, anyone who finds this weird gets no sympathy from me. I don’t have a body pillow, but I totally see the attraction. I tend to personify my bed a bit, like the furniture in “Beauty and the Beast”. It’s so comfy and warm, clearly it loves me. Seems to me these ways of calming our insecurities are harmless, cheap and make us feel good, so… woobie on!

  5. Yes, I have my body pillow, but also my dog, who has taken to kind of spooning me. Weird I know, but its nice when she nestles her nose on my side.

    My cousin, 10 yrs younger & an only child, was so attached to her blankie that once she stated school, each year her mother would give her one square inch of it to carry in her pocket so she could touch it for security. This continued into her 1st year at Trenton State!

    Woobies rule!

  6. 34- still have a blanky that is serving active duty. Anyone who doesn’t like it can just stay the hell outta my bed. =P
    It is especially comforting when driving long distances, to keep me from having a panic attack from driving 75+ mph.
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  7. I’m over 40 and still sleep with a teddy bear. My one from childhood is wrapped up in tissue and in my hope chest. She is the keeper of my secrets and tears and I cannot get rid of her. So I completely understand.

  8. I’m 37 and sleep with a stuffed bunny named “Spish”. He comes with me whenever I am sleeping away from home too – even sleepovers with my friends.

  9. I have a quilt from when I was an infant that I still sleep with now, at age 46. It has been re-covered only 4 times, believe it or not, and I am thinking of covering it one more time. For now, I just reverently fold it in half and slip it into a fresh pillowcase when I change my bed.
    By the way, it has always slept with me, no matter who else shares my bed, and always will. It will probably have 37 covers by then, oh well.

  10. I gave up my teddy bear when I adopted my dog. (By which I mean it became hers, like everything else in my home…)

    I have seriously considered a body pillow, though. They just look so comfy…..

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