What, exactly should I do about THIS?

My precious little kumquats? I have NO idea how he got his ginger ass up there. I was doing GEOMETRY to figure this out. Charts and graphs, people! The math doesn’t work out. NEVER TRUST A GINGER CAT. THEY ARE FULL OF DARK MAGIC.


What, exactly should I do about THIS? — 15 Comments

  1. Not just gingers. Tabbies in general. My roomie had a cage with finches hung from the ceiling, far away from anything to climb on, about 5 feet from the floor. Antonio somehow got up there, got a paw in the cage, grabbed a finch (while hanging on with other feet I guess) and ate it, mostly. Dark magic, indeed.

  2. One day I thought about getting a fishie. I figured I’d keep it on the mantle piece (which contains a photo of Stewie (sob)) but then he did this. A fishie wouldn’t last two days much less 12 hours in this place. I live in a lunatic asylum.

  3. If you would like a fishie; just make sure the fish is in a covered tank or cover his bowl with screen & secure with yarn (or a rubber band for a small bowl). This is not a guarantee, though. There are none in life with kitties.

  4. it’s not just gingers, i don’t think. i have this sort of beige-ish-gray-ish part-Siamese-part-tiger-part-sort-of-raccoon-like THING of a cat who weighs 30 lbs. if she weighs an ounce, all of it in her butt and none of it in her brain, who can’t even hop up on the bed without assistance three times out of ten, and yesterday i found her in the kitchen up on the counter with her paws literally in the candy jar.

    but if she were a ginger i would have thought she was cute, instead of worrying about whether she was going to (1) scratch me or (2) break my foot when she jumped down.

    we should have gotten a ferret.

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