A Letter For Lulu From Finn

Deer Lulabelle,

I love you. Did you not know that? I thought you might catch on when I collapse in front of you and you wash my face. OMG THAT IS THE BEST. Then you kick me in the face and walk away, but I know you’re trying to keep your street cred. I love you so much that I jump on top of you and ride you like a horsie! Then you bite me but I like to think of it as love bites.

You know what else I love about you? You don’t love Toby. You totally ignore him and nibble on my face which, hey, if that isn’t love I don’t know what is. Sure he’s my brother and little and dorky, but you? You don’t CARE that Toby is little and cute. And that? Means more love for me. Yay!

You KNOW I love you because I sing ALL THE TIME. I never shut up! Sometimes I’m cheerfully meowing as I take my mousies and drown them in my water bowl. Other times I collapse on the floor and HOWL for absolutely no reason. And lordo if the biped food slave walks into the kitchen? All hell breaks loose. I snuggle the box of food and wail and sob and make sounds like the biped didn’t feed me two hours ago. I’M CHARMING!

I love you, Lulu. I love your face washing and hissing and kicks to my mouth. You are the best, and I will love you forever.


Phineas Nigellus Black


A Letter For Lulu From Finn — 2 Comments

  1. This pleases me to no end. It’s OBVIOUSLY true love if there is kicking involved.

    Lulu and Finny sitting in a tree, k-i-c-k-i-n-g….

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