YouTube Is Evil

The World: You need to stop it.

Me: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

The World: You DO know what we’re talking about. This whole thing with spending the whole weekend sobbing your eyes out over YouTube videos? It has to stop. We’re getting concerned.

Me: But…But…MRS LANDINGHAM!!!!! And…and…LEO MCGARRY! And…and…

The World: These are fictional characters, sweetheart.

Me: And the trailer for the movie of Les Miserables!!!

The World: You’ve watched that trailer so many times we’re amazed the internet hasn’t burnt out.

Me: *SOBS* Have…have you seen the version of “Little Fall of Rain” from London in 2011?

The World: Well, YES, we have. And you know why we have? Because you’ve watched it so many times in the last two days we lost count somewhere around Saturday afternoon. Also, you’re out of tissues. We’re concerned that you may be getting dehydrated from all the uncontrollable sobbing. You are officially banned from YouTube until you can get a grip on your emotions.

Me: Just let me watch the trailer one more time…

The World: NO. No more. No more musicals, no more West Wing, no more Muppets. YOU ARE DONE.

Me: Just let me wa-

The World: NO. Wash your face and go buy some Kleenex. You’ve blown through three boxes this weekend.

Me: Okay. But when I come back, can I watc-

The World: NO.

Me: *sniffles* I’m writing a strongly worded letter to YouTube.

The World: We think that’s a good idea. Much better than…HEY! DON’T CLICK ON THAT, DAMMIT!!!!

Me: Too late. *click* *WAILS*

The World: We officially give up.


YouTube Is Evil — 1 Comment

  1. Your squirrels are the world, which means the world will never do anything as silly as giving up on you. 🙂

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