Get Goldfish. Trust Me On This One. Get. Goldfish.

Me: *busily finishing an email* Wait. Waaaaaaaait a minute. What is that smell? What the HELL is that SMELL?

Toby: *casually strolls out of the corner*

Me: Not so fast, mister man. *stomps over to the corner* You did it again. You effing did it again. You little bastard!

Toby: *blinks adorably*

Me: YOU PEED ON MY MAIL AGAIN!!!! It’s only been there for five minutes and you peed on it! AGAIN!

Toby: *licks paw, blinks adorably*

Me: I was just finishing an email and then I was going to pick the mail up and you took those NANOSECONDS to pee on it!!!!

Toby: *blinks adorably*

Me: *stomps off to get the Windex, grumbling* There are TWO litterboxes in this fucking apartment, and I leave the mothereffing mail on the floor for five minutes and he pees on it. AGAIN. I cannot believe this is what my life has become.

Toby: I am SO awesome.



Get Goldfish. Trust Me On This One. Get. Goldfish. — 9 Comments

  1. Not to be naggy or tie Toby’s side or anything like that but if you clean with windex – it contains ammonia and can attract more peeing episodes – vinegar works better to neutralize it and hopefully stop the habit.

  2. According to my experience with pissy kitties, you are actually supposed to have 4 litter boxes. One for each cat and an extra. Insane. This is why I now have 1 cat… and 1 litter box.

  3. I gave up on the litter box entirely. My little angel would just sniff at it in disgust and go pee in the tub. Tub’s easy to clean, and I’m a sucker.

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