Rock Me Like A Hurricane

What, you didn’t think I’d use the last precious seconds of power/internet to write a post? Honestly, I’m typing as fast as I can to reassure everyone that the cats and I are at my parents’ house, along with Mom, Dad, their dog, and my brother. Why are we all crammed in here? That’s easy to answer.

My parents have a generator. Score!

That’s right. We’re Jerseyites. We get blizzards, hurricanes, nor’easters, what have you. Last year after Hurricane Irene AND the October blizzard, my parents decided to get a generator, because living like they did on Little House on the Prairie gets really old really fast. So we’re all here, hoping that the storm doesn’t live up to the hype.

So as of 10/29/12, 11:48 AM, all is quiet on the Banshee front. I’ll update if I can, but who knows what’s going to happen with the cable and internet. Send an ark if I’m not back in a week, and stay safe, East Coast!


Rock Me Like A Hurricane — 5 Comments

  1. So glad you’re all together and the parents are rocking the generator! Woot! If it wasn’t a major fucking hazard in this apartment building–really, who am I kidding, living here is a fucking hazard in itself– the landlord doesn’t take care of this building at all. Major water damage, leakage and mold is likely between the walls. Etc. etc.
    Hang in there, stay safe– and I’ve got the Ark warming up in the back for all of you…

  2. We have a generator too and it is the thing I love best about our house. The winds up here in Mass are really picking up but we have not gotten much rain so far. Good luck and stay safe down there!

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