These United States

I hope you voted today. I did, see?


I’ll be sitting here with MBNBC yapping in the background all night long and into the morning. But I’ve got to tell you something. I was in my outpatient group today, with a bunch of people with mental illness and substance addiction, and we all swore we would vote today. Those with mental illness are much more likely to either not be registered to vote or not vote even though they (we) are registered. The fact that we all promised to vote touched my heart. Most of society wants to pretend we don’t exist. We are standing our ground today and proving them wrong.

May we wake to a day worth living tomorrow.


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  1. Thats why I keep my bipolar a secret from everyone but family…I don’t want people to be freaked out and judgmental …but,those of us that do have “glitches” like us are fucking fantastic,just a wee bit different ..I voted as I do count

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