Don’t Shoot The Writer

I have been in a bad mood the last few days, to say the least. To put it bluntly, I’m PMSing (why won’t you just GET HERE, Auntie Flo?!?) and I’m dieting, and I’m dealing with my broken brain and blah blah blah. Point is, I’m in a foul mood. And I’ve been especially snarky on Twitter and Facebook, and of course I wrote the decidedly snarky post yesterday about Smug Marrieds.

So it was fate that today in group therapy we talked about anxiety and panic, and that one of the main reasons for those lovely emotions was the desperate need for validation. I know that feeling well. I love being snarky, hell, I can cut down armies with my snark. But of course I’ll follow  that up with “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, are you mad at me? How can I fix it?” in a panicked, hyperventilating way. I can’t own anything I say without apologizing for it, and that? Is really dumb. There’s nothing wrong with saying something snippy and not beating yourself to death with a whip because of it. People can find something offensive anywhere you turn, and if you, oh, I don’t know, say something like this on a public forum…

SOMEONE is going to respond with “ERMAHGERD I love Ann Curry she’s up for sainthood you are a H8TR!!!!” It’s just the danger of telling a joke. Someone (or MANY someones) is going to find it distasteful or rude or icky, and they’ll snap at you. What you need to do is shrug, say “to each their own” and carry on. HA! Yeah, I’m too thin skinned and lilly-livered for that. But I keep going. Because if you’re not going to imagine Ann Curry giving her best “I’m here for you, tragedy victim” face to Petraeus while wearing a negligee, I just can’t help you.


Don’t Shoot The Writer — 2 Comments

  1. I commented to add something new that I had just learned about the possible reason he decided to disclose the affair and resign. Then when someone added that Ann Curry had too much class I said that was very true. I hope nothing I said made you think that I objected to your original tweet in any way. I always like listening to your tweets when I “drop in” to twitter from time to time.

    I like you and hope I didn’t add to your angst in any way.

  2. Maybe you read too much into people making comments on your tweet. It’s always risky with the written word – it’s hard to tell if the responses were just attempts o be funny or to just get a conversation started.

    I think you might have hurt their feelings and made them feel down by reacting the way you did. It seems like your followers try hard to make you feel better, which is a good thing. Please don’t make them feel terrible for trying to get a little affirmation themselves. I would be afraid to talk to you now.

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