So today I finally joined Spotify. Way to shuffle like a zombie into the 21st century, self. I spent a good chunk of time making a playlist, and, I know this is going to BLOW YOUR MIND, I actually turned off the TV to just listen to music. I KNOW. It’s a banner day, boy howdy. So I’m jamming out, when I realized that with every song that I played, it was noted on Facebook.

Oh dear.


You see, my music tastes are, to put it mildly, all over the damn place. Everything from death metal to folk to gothy dance music, it’s all on my list. And I never really thought about it, because who else was ever going to hear my playlists? Oh, only ALL OF FACEBOOK. At first I was a little horrified and self-conscious, and then a friend of mine was all “You really need to stop worrying about what other people think about stuff you like, dude” and it was like a veil was lifted. Damn right! I love my music! I’m no snotty hipster who only wants to listen to bands no one else has heard of! I want to listen to Lady Gaga followed by Marilyn Manson followed by Joni Mitchell! So therefore, I give to you a snippet of what I’ve been listening to today.

Christina Perri, Jar of Hearts

Oh MAN. I love that song. I first heard it on “So You Think You Can Dance” when Snarky Amber was all “OMG, watch this dance routine and WEEP” and you’re darn tootin I did. Very angsty, very nicely sung, very much want Christina’s outfit, and very much want to play this at top volume while ripping up pictures of my exes.

Screaming Trees, Nearly Lost You

If you’re a former teenager of the ’90s, you’ll immediately recognize this as being from the Singles soundtrack. I don’t know about you, but I played that tape so many times in 1992 that it broke and I had to replace it on CD. This song was on so many of my mixtapes. Man, I wish I still had my mixtapes. And my babydoll dresses and flannels. Sigh. I love you, 1992.

Rob Zombie Living Dead Girl

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Now we’re talkin’. I heart Rob Zombie. This is one of those songs that I play at top volume in the car, lip-syncing with it and making growly faces. Did you know that it is practically impossible to listen to Rob Zombie and drive the speed limit? It’s true. It’s SCIENCE.

Eminem Lose Yourself

Woo! Let’s fight! You wanna fight? Let’s fight! This song makes me want to tape up my hands and go a few rounds with a punching bag. Definitely going on the Kickboxing Playlist. This is also another fun one to lip-sync. Hee, I love pretending I’m tough.

Cast of Fame, I Sing The Body Electric

Now y’all know I was a musical theatre girl, yes? I can’t get enough of musicals. I geek out completely. I burst into tears whenever I see the trailer for Les Miserables. I mouth the words to “Defying Gravity” and act it out like I’m Idina Menzel. I still watch “Glee” for chrissakes. And like any self respecting Muffin (the term used for musical theatre kids back in college) I love “Fame.” And y’all know that kid with the fuzzy red hair grew up to be the doctor on ER who got killed by a helicopter, right?

Polyphonic Spree, Light And Day

And finally, a song that’s like sunshine and roses and seventeen acid trips in a row. I defy you to listen to this song and not be happy.

And there you have it. I’ve got over six more hours worth of music on my new playlist, but this is getting a bit long, so I’ll leave you with a thought and a question. Never let anyone else’s opinion shape what you love listening to. Music is so personal, and whether you love Metallica or opera, or both and everything in between, let your freak flag fly.

Music, as the late great Frank Zappa said, is the best.

So what’s on your playlist?




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  1. This AM on my commute my iPod went from The Clash to Marilyn Manson to Carole King to Spamalot to Journey to a movement from Brahms symphony. I understand your catholic musical tastes!

    Also, true story, I once got off with a warning for speeding because the cop asked me what I was doing and I answered, honestly, “Listening to Rob Zombie really loudly and imagining Russell Crowe having sex with me against a wall.” Not sure if she was sympathetic or appalled, but whatever, no ticket!


    Adam Lambert to My Chemical Romance to to Soundtrack to Across the Universe

    Hmmmmm… maybe you just need to be a boy with good black hair and/or eyeliner and/or an accent for me to listen to you.

    Also you get set Spotify to NOT post to FB… because NO ONE needs to know all I have been listening to lately is Third Eye Blind and Billy Joel.

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